Podcast #9: Ali Grace Marquart’s Fashion Law Boutique

Entertainment lawyer Ali Grace Marquart recently made Forbes’ 2015 30 Under 30 list for law and policy. She talked about the unusual path she took to owning a successful fashion law boutique, what success means at this point in her career, and how she represents clients all over the world from her office in New York.

Advice from a Small Firm Lawyer (in 1941)

In Before the Colors Fade: Some Reminiscences, William Porter discusses the practice of law from 1940 to 1980. And he offers advice that holds true today.

A Brand Is Not Just A Logo

A brand is more than creating a logo and it is your customer’s experience. Branding is never just the logo and the brand should consider the customer experience.

Specializing* for Rural Practitioners

How can a rural practitioner limit their practice and still keep the lights on?

So You Wanna Be an Entertainment Lawyer? (Part 2)

BigLaw to in-house entertainment lawyer. From BigLaw to in-house entertainment law as a business and legal affairs executive.

Mediation Meditation: Expanding the Practice

Meditating on mediating? The first of a series of posts about expanding a law practice to include mediation services.

Niche Practice Could Help Recent Law Grads Win a “Losing Game”

Starting a niche practice could help recent law school graduates to become successful despite grim job prospects.

Law Students: Create Your Own Niche

Creating a niche doesn't have to be hard. Law students can take work they're already doing in school and direct it along a common path.

Motivation and Productivity Solution: Do One Thing Well

A motivation and productivity key is to focus on your strengths.