Advice from a Small Firm Lawyer (in 1941)

In Before the Colors Fade: Some Reminiscences, William Porter discusses the practice of law from 1940 to 1980. And he offers advice that holds true today.

A Brand Is Not Just A Logo

A brand is more than creating a logo and it is your customer’s experience. Branding is never just the logo and the brand should consider the customer experience.

Specializing* for Rural Practitioners

How can a rural practitioner limit their practice and still keep the lights on?

So You Wanna Be an Entertainment Lawyer? (Part 2)

BigLaw to in-house entertainment lawyer. From BigLaw to in-house entertainment law as a business and legal affairs executive.

Mediation Meditation: Expanding the Practice

Meditating on mediating? The first of a series of posts about expanding a law practice to include mediation services.

Niche Practice Could Help Recent Law Grads Win a “Losing Game”

Starting a niche practice could help recent law school graduates to become successful despite grim job prospects.

Law Students: Create Your Own Niche

Creating a niche doesn't have to be hard. Law students can take work they're already doing in school and direct it along a common path.

Motivation and Productivity Solution: Do One Thing Well

A motivation and productivity key is to focus on your strengths.