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What Skills Should New Lawyers Have?

A new survey shows that current lawyers expect new lawyers to have far more than just traditional legal skills when they are starting out.


Learn to Say No to Clients, Opposing Counsel, and the Court

In an effort to avoid conflict, many attorneys say yes more often than they should. Learn to say no to clients, opposing counsel, and the court.


Young Attorneys: Have Faith in Your Case

Experienced attorneys frequently resort to intimidation when dealing with a young attorney. If you are a young attorney, have faith in your case---and don't let opposing counsel dictate their view of the case and your client.

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A New Lawyer’s Guide to Teaching a CLE (Part 2 of 2)

The nuts and bolts of putting together a CLE: first, pick a topic that won’t make established attorneys wonder “who does she think she is?”

Teaching a CLE

A New Lawyer’s Guide to Teaching a CLE (Part 1 of 2)

Teaching a CLE can be a lot of work, but new lawyers will reap benefits when they do, including public speaking experience and networking exposure.


The Best Advice Can Be To Ignore Others

Young attorneys need to carefully consider the source and content of advice when making a critical decision.

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The Secrets of Mingling at Legal Events

The legal profession holds infinite legal and networking events. If you can have fun at legal events, you'll leave feeling energized, not drained


Do You Give Legal Advice Without Realizing It?

Lawyers need to be careful to avoid giving casual legal advice and causing more problems than they are fixing.

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5 Ways New Attorneys Can Add Value

As a new attorney, you aren't always ready to offer mind blowing legal strategies, but you can still add value.


Your Practice Should Fit Your Personality

There is more than one way to achieve client goals---attorneys need to trust their gut when making decisions.

The First Time

Undertaking a Task for the First Time

There are lots of opportunities for a junior attorney to undertake a task for the first time. How to make it look like you know what you're doing?


Pregnant at Work

I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and the pregnancy has affected work in expected and unexpected ways.

Sea Ebb

Enjoying Litigation’s Ebb and Flow

Sometimes litigation is fast-paced and other times, after a case settles, it affords time for rest and rejuvination. Embrace the ebb and flow.


Book Review: Thrive (a New Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Practice)

Thrive (a New Lawyer's Guide to Law Firm Practice) is the perfect graduation gift for new lawyers starting big firm practice.

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Treating the Senior Partner Like a Client

Treat the partner like the client. The approach means that I am producing top-quality work, offering solutions, and thinking about next steps.