An Essential Networking Ingredient: Followup

When it comes down to it, networking is nothing other than opening yourself up to new relationships and new possibilities. This requires you to get out there and follow up.


Don’t Refer Bad Cases or Clients

Good lawyers want to help other lawyers by sending them good cases and good clients. Before you try and dump a problem client on another attorney, be sure to think about the long-term implications.


7 Solos You Meet at Bar Functions

Bar functions are full of solo lawyers, and the solos you meet at bar functions will tend to resemble these archetypes.


Why “Knowing Someone” is Still the Best Marketing

At Above the Law, in-house lawyer Mark Herrmann explains how in-house counsel actually choose outside counsel to hire.


The Wrong Way To Network

Networking is about making both parties more successful. Avoid the mistakes of not being inquisitive, being pushy for leads, or forgetting to say "thank you."


Legal Marketing: a Sucker’s Bet

Lawyers have been engaged in a race to the bottom in the marketing of their services for decades. Over-the-top, sleazy advertising has become synonymous with lawyers in the eyes of many people. It's no wonder that people's perception of lawyers have dropped so low. Marketing for lawyers is a sucker's bet at best.


How to Network: Get Out and Do Things. With People.

Whatever you hope to get out of networking—mentoring, referrals, clients, friends—here is the only real formula: Get out and do things. With people.


How to Make Small Talk

Working the room” is the one business development tactic that strikes the most fear in lawyers. Most lawyers hate finding themselves at a reception at some conference or benefit, where they hope to meet a few new people in a crowd of hundreds. Here are some helpful hints to minimize the fear.


The Importance of Long Term Goals for Your Practice

Most solo attorneys operate with the business mantra of "just keep the lights on this month." That's a good place to start, but you need to set your goals higher. If you do, you are 100% more likely to develop the practice you want.


Suggested Rules for Picking Up the Lunch Tab

When two lawyers have lunch together: If there is a significant difference in the size of the firms to which each lawyer belongs, the lawyers from the larger company should pick up the bill. If one of the lawyers works for a nonprofit and the other does not, the lawyer from the for-profit firm should […]


Your Phone Stopped Ringing—Now What?

Every attorney goes through a time when the phone stops ringing. When that happens, here's how to get past it.


Don’t Be Facebook Friends with Clients — the Ethical Perspective

Ethics of why attorneys should not be Facebook friends with their clients and how they can navigate social media ethically.

camp summer associate

Have a Successful Summer — Even When You Aren’t Working

The summer associate gig requires more than writing a great memo--aim to meet real live attorneys and make them your mentors and friends.


The Perfect Marketing Mix: Business and Pleasure

Mixing business with pleasure can lead to great marketing and business development results.


Do You Give Legal Advice Without Realizing It?

Lawyers need to be careful to avoid giving casual legal advice and causing more problems than they are fixing.