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Podcast #86: Going Mobile without Losing Balance, with Kristin LaMont

This week, Sam talks with Kristin LaMont, lawyer and adjunct professor, about how to maintain your work-life balance when your firm goes mobile.

(Not) Working on Vacation

How to work during a vacation without completely ruining it.

Offer Unbundled Legal Services to Compete in Today’s Legal Market

While the unbundling trend may be starting out with larger firms for startups and entrepreneurs, it will make its way to down to smaller sized firms and encompass many more areas of law. All lawyers can benefit from learning techniques for unbundling and using technology to deliver services online.

MobiLit iPad Trial Presentation App, Review

MobiLit is the newest entry into a crowded trial presentation field that is dominated by TrialPad and Exhibit A. What makes it different? It is designed to wirelessly project its presentation to other iPads. Additionally, it can send images to a projector or even a TV with an Apple TV or direct wired connection. While […]

Three Myths About Solo Attorneys (Part 2 of 3)

Solo attorneys have actual offices, are not afraid of dealing with big law attorneys, and often use better technology than big firm counterparts.

Top 5 iOS Apps I Can’t Live Without

What are your top 5 iOS apps you can't live without? Todd Hendrickson lists his, along with an homage to High Fidelity.

Being Paperless is an Advantage When Disaster Strikes

A paperless and digital practice can help you stay in practice in the event of natural disasters, medical and family emergencies.

Trial Notebook for iPad Review

Trial Notebook from TabLit is an excellent iPad app to organize trial materials, giving you a portable, iPad version of the venerable trial notebook.

Going Paperless: Workflow (Part 2 of 3)

Going Paperles, Part 2 of 3: Establish your Paperless Workflow

Going Paperless: What You Need (Part 1 of 3)

Going Paperless: Go paperless for law practice efficiency and savings.