Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks

5 Microsoft Word Rules You Must Follow

Following these five rules of Microsoft Word will save you time, frustration, and money.

Using Microsoft Word’s Table of Authorities

If you regularly have to produce legal briefs in Microsoft Word, you already know that one of the most painful tasks occurs at the end: compiling the Table of Authorities. Here's how to mark citations and insert a Table of Authorities in your next brief.

Evaluate Your Writing with Word’s Readability Statistics

Writing for your audience means keeping your words simple and your sentences succinct. Use Microsoft Word's readability feature to help you make this happen.

4 Annoying Microsoft Word Features You Should Turn Off

Microsoft Word sometimes gets in the way. Here are four annoying Microsoft Word features you'll want to turn off.

Use Word’s AutoCorrect as a Text Expander

You don't need dedicated text expansion software to use that feature in Microsoft Word. Use AutoCorrect instead. Here's how.

How to Insert Symbols in Microsoft Word

Here's how to insert symbols and special characters in Microsoft Word, including using shortcut keys and AutoCorrect entries to speed up the process.

Dear Lawyers: It’s Not Word, It’s You

Microsoft Word has some terribly complicated aspects and obscures some of its best features. Instead of bemoaning this fact, spend some time with a good manual or hands-on class.

Fix Microsoft Word Formatting Instantly with 3 Shortcut Keys

Here are 3 essential shortcut keys to fix Microsoft Word formatting in emergencies.

How To Encrypt Microsoft Word Documents

One easy way to ensure a document remains safe is to add a password to it in Microsoft Word. Here's how to do it on a Windows machine and on a Mac.

The 5 Most User-Hostile Microsoft Word Features

Microsoft Word doesn't always win awards from users for its intuitiveness. Here are five features that could be a lot easier than they are.

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DIY Law Firm Letterhead Using Microsoft Word

No longer see the point of having printed letterhead sitting on your shelf? Do your own "on demand" electronic letterhead in Microsoft Word. Here's how.

Fixing your #@(*$#)$( Single-Spacing in Microsoft Word

How to fix the default paragraph spacing in Microsoft Word to restore single spacing to your documents permanently.

Automate Your Documents with Microsoft Word Building Blocks

Ditch cut-and-paste with your own library of Microsoft Word Building Blocks for your document in progress. Here are some small items to get you started.

Pasting Without Fear in Microsoft Word

Go beyond CTRL-C/CTRL-X/CTRL-V and get some advanced cut-and-paste Microsoft Word skills.