legal malpractice

Avoid Malpractice this Holiday Season

Prepare ahead this holiday season to avoid ethical issues that can come up from your absence in the office and urge to give off-the-cuff legal advice.

Going Solo: Debunking the Top Ten Fears

Going solo with your legal practice may not be as scary as it seems.

The Best Advice Can Be To Ignore Others

Young attorneys need to carefully consider the source and content of advice when making a critical decision.

Do You Give Legal Advice Without Realizing It?

Lawyers need to be careful to avoid giving casual legal advice and causing more problems than they are fixing.

Be Honest About Your (Lack of) Knowledge and Experience

Why new attorneys need to be honest about their knowledge and experience, or lack thereof.

It’s Not the Baby Lawyers Clients Have to Watch Out For

This chart from Minnesota Lawyers Mutual shows the number of malpractice claims according to years of experience.

Avoiding Casual Legal Questions…and Malpractice

Say the wrong thing when asked a casual legal question and you could open yourself up to professional reprimand or even a malpractice suit down the line. Follow these tips to avoid malpractice issues.

Top 5 Ways To Avoid Malpractice

Though there are many things attorneys can do to prevent malpractice lawsuits, the following five suggestions are the easiest.

Confidently Start Your Own Law Practice

Starting your own law practice can be scary, but you can provide value and make your life better at the same time.

Negotiating Co-Counsel Arrangements

Co-counsel arrangements can be a great way to expand your practice.