3 Social Media Ethics Traps to Avoid

Lawyers use social media in both a personal and professional capacity. Here are three social media ethics traps that you should work on avoiding.

How Not to Suck at Social Media

Social media is actually quite simple, and there is only one way to succeed: be interesting, and social.

LinkedIn Gets a Facelift and Some New Features

As of today, LinkedIn is better-looking and has some new features. Well, the app does. First, the app looks much better. Gone is the hokey leather texture. Now it has a clean look and simple navigation. Unfortunately, it is also harder to find groups. As far as I can tell, you have to search for them by name […]

Find Out if Your Profile Photo is Scaring Clients Away

You may be surprised to find out what kind of impression you are making on others.

Much Ado About LinkedIn Endorsements

Whether you’re unconvinced that LinkedIn is useful for anything, if you maintain a profile there, you should spend a minute or three understanding the potential consequences of approving endorsements. But that’s about all the time you need to spend. Not too long ago, Bob Ambrogi asked: Do LinkedIn Endorsements Violate Legal Ethics? Bob does a […]

New LinkedIn Features Helpful for Lawyers

LinkedIn has made significant changes to both personal and company page profiles and added new features to increase engagement.

Judge Allows LinkedIn Account to be Stolen by Employer

A federal judge in Pennsylvania granted summary judgment against a former company president whose LinkedIn password was altered and account stolen.

LinkedIn Severs its Link from Twitter

Starting today, you can no longer feed your tweets to LinkedIn to make it look like you are active on LinkedIn without actually visiting the world’s most boring social network. No more. In its announcement, LinkedIn blames Twitter’s recent blog post that doesn’t make sense to non-developers. Whatever the reason, a whole lot of people […]

Two LinkedIn Security Concerns

Two LinkedIn security/privacy issues hit the news, and both mean you should take action to secure your LinkedIn account.

A Universal Marketing Checklist for Young Lawyers

By taking these steps, associates and young lawyers can transform their legal careers from supporting associate to rainmaking partner.