LexisNexis Comes Out Swinging Against Lower-Cost Legal Research Services

LexisNexis is attacking lower-cost legal research services as lower quality as well, but the attack misses the mark.

Is Legal Publishing a Dying Industry?

From a Liberum Capital report highlighted by Jason Wilson at rethinc.k: Legal publishing margins have fallen from an estimated 25% in 2008 to 14% in 2011, and organic revenue growth has seen two years of organic revenue declines followed by anaemic growth in 2011. We do not see this recovering. It is clear that the […]

PC Law vs. the Cloud

The difference between “old-school” practice management software and cloud-based practice management software, in a nutshell.

Some Overhead is Necessary

We recently made a large addition to our monthly overhead. But is the cost worth it?

ABA TechShow 2012 Coverage

Practice Management Software Explosion at #ABATechShow

The explosion of practice management software options and features at ABA TechShow is kind of amazing.

Are Martindale Hubbell’s Fees Really Worth It?

In a recent discussion in a lawyer marketing LinkedIn Group, an attorney posed the question of whether Martindale-Hubbell's fees are worth it.

Legal Research Alerts: More Money Doesn’t Mean Faster Results

When it comes to avoiding the outdated legal research nightmare, you may not need an expensive legal research service.