LexisNexis Comes Out Swinging Against Lower-Cost Legal Research Services

LexisNexis is attacking lower-cost legal research services as lower quality as well, but the attack misses the mark.

Is Legal Publishing a Dying Industry?

From a Liberum Capital report highlighted by Jason Wilson at rethinc.k: Legal publishing margins have fallen from an estimated 25% in 2008 to 14% in 2011, and organic revenue growth has seen two years of organic revenue declines followed by anaemic growth in 2011. We do not see this recovering. It is clear that the […]

Amplify Google Scholar with CiteStack

Why lawyers should consider using CiteStack if they research with Google Scholar.

Learn Multiple Legal Research Platforms

Regardless of where you are on your path to a legal career, you should try to master the variety of legal research tools at your fingertips. During my 1L legal writing course, our law librarians empowered me with fundamental legal research skills. We learned to apply these skills to the archaic online databases of Westlaw […]

Legal Research with Google Scholar

The next time you to need to legal research, consider using Google Scholar.

The Debut of Bloomberg Law

The duel between LexisNexis and Westlaw is about to become a three-way battle---Bloomberg Law rolls out later this month.

LexisNexis has gone paperless

Kudos to LexisNexis for its efforts to reduce paper waste! At a moot court orientation session at the University of Minnesota Law School this morning, the LexisNexis rep showed up and—this blew me away—did not hand out a single sheet of paper. The Westlaw rep, meanwhile, made a huge book available. Mercifully, they did not […]

Update from Time Matters consultant: okay, okay, Time Matters 6 through 8 were pretty bad, but it’s better now, I promise!

In a comment on the ever-popular “Speeding up Time Matters” post, Tom Rowe, who is apparently a Time Matters consultant, wrote the following: As a long time CIC and Time Matters users, I have to say that many of the posts here are fair. I am sure that many of the posters who are/were using […]

Lexis is willing to drop its arbitration clause

Lexis has an atrocious mandatory binding arbitration clause in its contracts. Consumer Law & Policy Blog’s Paul Bland described Lexis’s arbitration clause this way: Lexis’s arbitration clause includes a gag order on its customers requiring tem to keep all arbitrations confidential. A number of courts have struck down similar secrecy provisions in consumer arbitration clauses […]