Electronic Wills, Access to Justice, and Corporate Interests

Florida is considering legalizing fully electronic wills, which could simplify and increase access to probate services.

Podcast #45: CEO John Suh on Why Lawyers Should Love LegalZoom

In this episode we skip the introductory banter in order to get straight to the conversation with John Suh, CEO of the legal-industry bogeyman, LegalZoom. Not only would Suh like to change that, he’s got a strong argument for why lawyers should learn to love his company. Ceo John Suh on Why Lawyers Should Love […]

ABA TechShow 2013 Coverage

The Problem with Disruption and Law Practice #ABATechShow

The theme of this year’s LexThink.1 was disruption. I suppose that is because, with all the disruptive innovation happening all around us, everyone wants to know when it will come to law practice. So all the speakers talked about what will disrupt law practice, whether it’s virtual offices or LegalZoom or gamification or Big Data. […]

Consumer Reports: “Legal DIY websites are no match for a pro”

Bottom line. The sites offer basic legal advice that might help save you money spent on a lawyer. If you use them for document prep, at minimum get all needed signatures to preserve your rights and prevent disputes, Silber says. But many consumers are better off consulting a lawyer. Read Legal DIY websites are no […]

“Legal Zoom may be a new company, but the lesson is ancient: volume law practice is a struggle.”

LegalZoom, which has valued itself at $483 million, is getting some negative feedback on that valuation. Carolyn Elefant points out that no matter whether you are churning work comp cases or peddling mediocre forms online, volume requires a constant stream of new clients, which costs money. That’s why LegalZoom spent $41 million on advertising for […]

LegalZoom: Good or Bad News for the Legal Profession?

Online document companies such as LegalZoom create opportunities for solos and small firms by increasing the awareness for the need of legal services.

LegalZoom and Unauthorized Practice of Law

LegalZoom's summary judgment motion requested that the court find that it is not engaged in UPL in Missouri as a matter of law.

Legal Services and the Unauthorized Practice of Law: No Bright Line Here

Unauthorized practice of law rules and disruptive, technology-based legal delivery services like LegalZoom.