ClearText: Write with Words People Can Actually Understand

ClearText is a text editor that limits you to the 1,000 most common English words. I thought it would be fun to write this post in ClearText, but I gave up.

Let’s Consider “Deem” Dead

"Deem" has multiple meanings, and lawyers love to use all of them. The result, as with so much legalese, is confusion. Don't use "deem."

Stop Misusing “Such”

Using "such" in place of "the," "that," "those," or "them" is not only not more precise, it's ugly legalese that marks you as a sub-par legal writer.

Is Good Legal Writing Inherited or Developed?

Is good legal writing inherited or developed? Bryan Garner and Stephen King have written about their views, and the author adds his own.

Write Better Than a Second-Rate Poet

Most lawyers write like second-rate poets. Lorrie Moore's short story "Paper Losses" will show you why you should do better.

5 Ways to Fail at Writing Legal Ad Copy

As a lawyer, you are also a direct marketer. Five DIY tips on how not to write advertising copy.

In a Jury Trial, Legalese Can Be Fatal

When you speak legalese to a jury, its members will either not understand you or misunderstand you, making it impossible for you to win.