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5 Handwritten Pleadings That Will Make You Lose Faith in Humanity

If you are thinking of handwriting your next pleading, do not let these examples guide you.


Why Creativity is Important to Good Lawyering

Law is rarely considered a creative profession. Most of us think of creatives as being poets and artists, not rule-following lawyers. But creativity simply means you have the ability to think of new ideas, and that is something a good lawyer does every day. Whether you are interpreting a case in a novel way, trying to grow the pie in a negotiation, or reframing a bad fact, you need to hone your creativity.

The Oxford English Dictionary Adds the Non-Gendered Honorific “Mx”

Apparently it is pronounced mux or mix.

knowledge of the law

Casetext and Law Genius: Wikipedia for Law?

Once hidden behind the walls of Westlaw and Lexis Nexis, the law is quickly becoming open-source. Can Law Genius and Casetext Wikipedia the law and make the old guard irrelevant?

self editing lawyer

Write Better Legal Documents with an Editing Checklist

Your first draft is never perfect. Better your writing and arguments with an editorial checklist.

grammar rules to ignore

Three Grammar Rules to Forget (Because They’re Wrong)

Remember those grammar rules you learned back in grade school? It's time to forget them.


Do NOT Let Your Client Write Your Petition for a Writ of Certiorari

"Shipley basically let his client write his brief, and the thing turned into an utter shitshow. Witness the nightmare hellscape that is the question presented in this case …"


5 Fonts Courts Use Besides Times New Roman

"Here are some good (and not so good) alternatives to Times New Roman (TNR) we’ve seen in court opinions."

How to Use a Colon

From Columbia Journalism Review: Just as colon the organ, um, moves things along, so does colon the punctuation mark. It signals to a reader that what follows is a list, an elaboration or definition, or something else that continues the thought. It says that what follows is so closely related to the first part of […]


Making It Sing: How Rhetorical Writing Techniques Can Improve Legal Writing

Legal writing does not need to resemble a cross between a nineteenth century sermon and a treatise on higher mathematics.

em dash 2

The Enigmatic Em Dash

Don't fear the em dash—it can add energy and much needed variety to your prose.

How to Cite Walter Sobchak on Prior Restraint

First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza has found a gem: an opinion from the Texas Supreme Court quoting Walter Sobchak in “The Big Lebowski” on prior restraint.


How to Cite Buzz Lightyear in a Legal Brief

"I suppose you might also be wondering, 'In what situation might I feel compelled to cite an animated action figure as an authority in one of my briefs?'"


Lawyers Fight Bravely to Save the Endangered Adverb

Lawyers, aided by legislative champions of the downtrodden in many states and the United States Congress, have come to the rescue of the much-maligned adverb.

How to Hyperlink in Federal Court Filings is “A compendium of resources for attorneys interested in adding hyperlinks to their CM/ECF filings.”