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Lawyerist’s ongoing coverage of the legal tech companies building the future of law practice.

First Look: Centerbase

Centerbase is highly configurable law practice management software that includes contact relationship management and robust reporting features.

LexisNexis Comes Out Swinging Against Lower-Cost Legal Research Services

LexisNexis is attacking lower-cost legal research services as lower quality as well, but the attack misses the mark.

First Look: Allegory Litigation Management Software

Allegory is law practice management software designed to manage complex litigation. Here's our first look.

Allegory Litigation Management Software Raises $500k

Allegory Law is powerful cloud-based litigation management software built for litigation teams to keep track of evidence and witnesses and link everything together.

First Look: DocAssemble

First Look: Page Vault

Page Vault captures, saves, and prints web pages so that they will be admissible in court. Here is our first look at the application.

Legal Tech: Brought to You by the Color Blue

Legal tech companies almost all seem to have changed to logos to the color blue recently. Is it just a coincidence or are they on to something?

First Look: jEugene Compass

jEugene Compass is machine-learning software designed to help transactional practitioners speed through documents while ensuring they are properly drafted. Here is our first look at the software.

First Look: CaseFleet

CaseFleet is case management software that helps litigators organize a wide variety of materials. At a higher price point, it is full-fledged law practice management software. Here is our first look.

First Look: LawStudio

LawStudio is file management software aimed at trial attorneys who need to handle a lot of depositions, exhibits, and other trial documents. Here's our first look.