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LexisNexis Comes Out Swinging Against Lower-Cost Legal Research Services

LexisNexis is attacking lower-cost legal research services as lower quality as well, but the attack misses the mark.

Allegory Litigation Management Software Raises $500k

Allegory Law is powerful cloud-based litigation management software built for litigation teams to keep track of evidence and witnesses and link everything together.

Comparing Credit Card Transaction Fees for Law Practice Management Software Billing Portals

Accepting credit cards from clients used to be a complicated mess. But many practice management software providers now make it easy to credit card payments.

LEAP Moves Document Assembly to the Cloud with Office 365’s Web Apps

LEAP legal practice management software just became first to market with a cloud-based document assembly solution.

A Cassandra Moment for Legal Tech

Legal technology is at a critical point in its development, and it's time to think about what the future should look like. The history of the use of technology in a library setting offers valuable insight.

Now You Can Put a Chat Bot in Charge of Your Potential-Client Intake

See two examples of legal chat bots in action so you can decide for yourself whether they are likely to catch on.

How Legal Software Companies Protect Client Data in the Cloud

What about the companies to which we entrust our clients' information? Do they take confidentiality as seriously as lawyers and clients do?

Secure Communication Portals Are Becoming Common

If your practice management software includes a secure communication portal, how reasonable an effort are you making if you stubbornly insist on using email?

Casetext’s CARA Takes the Search out of Legal Research

Legal research is clunky. CARA is a shortcut. Just drag and drop a brief and CARA will give you a list of cases on point.

Beating up on Legal Tech in Front of a Home Crowd at CodeX 2016

"Imagine it is the year 2020. Plaintiff, a dissatisfied attorney, has brought suit against the entire legal tech industry, alleging that the claims and promises it made in 2016 amount to fraud and false advertising."

Access to Justice is a Lot More Complicated than Making Lawyers Affordable

If we can make it less expensive to hire a lawyer, more people should be able to afford the legal help they need. That will narrow the gap, right? Maybe not.

Some Legal Tech Is Too Slow for Lawyers

Legal software doesn't have to be ugly, clunky, and slow—but lots of it is.

NetDocuments Paves the Way for Office Integration on Mobile and in the Cloud

This should make it a lot more convenient to use a document management system, and it should help alleviate firms’ fear of losing control of information. Well, firms that use NetDocuments, at least.

A Big Picture of the Legal Tech Industry

The lack of coverage of legal tech companies (as opposed to legal tech products, which get plenty of coverage) is a problem both for legal tech companies and lawyers.