Legal Aid

Measuring the Access-to-Justice Gap: Nearly 70% of All Civil Defendants Aren’t Represented

Nearly 70% of defendants—and over 75% of all litigants—go to court without a lawyer. We aren't going to solve this gap with an app or more pro bono work.

Microsoft Commits $1 Million to LSC for Access to Justice

Legal Services Corporation (LSC), the largest organization that funds legal aid programs, announced yesterday that Microsoft has committed $1 million of funding and resources to build out what LSC is calling “legal portals” – basically, online resources that will direct low-income people to legal providers. As its first step, the LSC’s portal project will create […]

How To Serve Clients Pro Bono

Attorneys doing pro bono work are on the decline. Here's how you can help.

Apparently, Nobody Wanted Legal Aid Jobs Before the Recession

The idea that Legal Aid organizations are hard-up for entry-level lawyers perpetuates the stereotype that everyone goes to law school to get rich and only a few, noble souls are willing to work for Legal Aid wages.