6 Terrible Lawyer Tattoos

You may think getting a lawyer tattoo is a good. Think again, unless you would like to contribute to this fantastic list.

Encrypt and Send Documents with docTrackr

For lawyers, maintaining client confidentiality is paramount. As such, lawyers have always had an obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure that confidential client data remains secure.

Our Favorite Books About Lawyering (and Other Stuff)

Looking for some summer reading? Check out some of our writers' favorite books---and they are not all about lawyers!

Laughable Lawyers: Is Your Turn Next?

Why must we endure lawyer laughingstocks? Why are lawyers, who are supposed to be thoughtful and prudent, so prone to specatuclar stupidity?

A Law Degree Should Be a Bachelor’s Degree

Making a law degree a bachelor's instead of a graduate degree would help law students and people who need legal services but can't afford them.

The F-Bomb: A Powerful Verbal Tool

Do you use the F-bomb? Lawyers should always speak with care, but there are occasions when the F-Bomb might be the most effective way to communicate.

Choose Living Over Lawyering

How and when to leave behind your fear, quit the law, leave law school and your law firm behind, and pursue your dreams of not being a lawyer.

Going Greek: Using Fraternity or Sorority Networks in Your Job Search

Being an alumnus of a fraternity or sorority is rewarding in terms of networking and career prospects. Try using your Greek life connections in your job search.

Women Lawyers: Silence Isn’t Always Golden

Women seem to have been opting out of speaking out in the study and practice of law. Silence isn't always golden, and women lawyers need to speak up.

Virtual Assistants & Delegation Frustrations

Delegation is important when it comes to outsourcing work in your law practice to a virtual assistant.

Take Care of Your Referral Sources

Referral sources are valuable. Don't forget to follow these basic guidelines for referral business.

Mental Health and the Law

Lawyer mental health is an important issue. Depression, anxiety, and skyrocketing blood pressure have become the battle scars of the busy attorney.

Stop Bashing BigLaw

If one read only the solo blawgs, it would seem all large law firms are lumbering, inefficient, selfish behemoths, so knocked off balance by this recession that they are about to keel over and smash their marble conference room tables.

Lawyers Must Evolve or Face Extinction

Lawyers seeking to thrive in the current and future legal market need to approach law practice with entrepreneurial vigor, not a copycat mindset.