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Fashionable, Professional Bags and Tech Accessories for Women Lawyers

This list of professional bags for women lawyers includes a wide range of names, styles, colors, and interesting lesser-known brands, all of which can accommodate a laptop.


Performance-Enhancing Bar Study Distractions

Prepare for your doomed summer with this list of distractions that will (hopefully) help you maintain your sanity.


How to Succeed on Law School Exams

How law student can prepare for and succeed on law school exams.

Broken Bottles

Drunk Law Practice v. Sober Law Practice

Sobriety has made me happier than at any other time in my life. I can live without fear of the unknown or insecurity about my abilities to perform.


Common Sense Codified?

After last week's post on common sense, can we really say that the ethics rules are common sense codified?


The Time is Now: Start Preparing Clerkship Applications this Summer

If you just finished your 2L year, this summer is the time to start getting your clerkship applications together. While it’s true that it is difficult to land a federal clerkship, your actions now can give you a leg up come September.


Good Facts > Good Law

Every case, and every set of facts is different. Whether you are interacting with opposing counsel or the court, good facts should be front and center.


Would You Sign Up For a “Second-Tier” Law School Education?

Elie Mystal predicts law schools will split into tiers, one for those aiming to become white-shoe law firm partners and judgers, and another for those aiming for a middle-class existence in smaller markets.


Law School Do-Over: 7 Things I’d Do Different

Don't we all wish for a do-over? If I could do law school over again, here's what I'd do.

lawyer bubble

Book Review: The Lawyer Bubble—A Profession in Crisis

If you still have hope the legal profession can be changed, read The Lawyer Bubble by Steven J. Harper. His book and his ideas deserve your attention.


Start a Law Firm in Law School

Want to be a lawyer-entrepreneur? Start now, while you're still in law school.


Want to Impress Your Law School Professor? Don’t Do This.

Law school success starts with law students creating a positive impression with law school professors.


Law School: Is Two Years Enough?

A proposal to New York allow students to sit for the bar exam after only two years of law school has generated some debate. Is two years enough?

law students should hang out with judges

Law Students Should Hang Out With Judges

Law students, no matter what they end up doing later, should spend as much time as possible learning how trial courts work and how trial judges think.

Why You Need to Self-Critique in Law School

Why law students need to learn how to self-critique in law school in order to succeed as attorneys.