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Considering Law School? Here’s What Torts is Like

Law professors and bloggers Eugene and Sasha Volokh have posted torts exams at The Volokh Conspiracy for fun. Torts, if you are thinking about going to law school, is pretty much a microcosm of what law school is all about. You study for an entire semester only to spend 3+ hours so that you can […]

1Ls Should Focus Only on Exams

1Ls should focus exclusively on exam success, and the only exception should be on completing other required work.

Timing Final Exams: What Law Students Can Learn from Cinderella

The time limit on most law school exams can be one of the most difficult facets of taking finals. Use these tips to help make sure you've used your time wisely in the race against the clock.

The Law School Grades Letdown (or Occasional Pleasant Surprise)

Dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of the end-of-term final grade reports can be can be as difficult as the exams themselves.

How to Channel Your Professor

Increase your chances of success on law school exams by learning to "channel your professor." At the most basic level, this simply means that you should write for your audience, i.e., your professor.

Outlining Software for Law Students

As a first-year law student, one of the most frustrating aspects of law school is how to structure class outlines in preparation for finals. I switched from using a typical Microsoft Word document to Outliner 4.0 software for taking notes, which has been an immense time-saver.