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Law School Exams

How to Succeed on Law School Exams

How law student can prepare for and succeed on law school exams.

Want to Impress Your Law School Professor? Don’t Do This.

Law school success starts with law students creating a positive impression with law school professors.

Why Every Law Student Needs a Mentor

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Why the First Month of Law School is a Mirage

Law school success is defined by more than your first month of classes.

Law Schools Shrink Incoming Classes

Law schools are shrinking incoming classes of law students, but the impact is not entirely clear.

Law Students Should Take Practical Skill Classes

Law schools offer practical skill classes that law students should take advantage of.

Why Law Students Should Not Attend Summer School

Why law students should avoid paying for summer school if possible.

Specialized JD Programming: Majoring in Law School

Should law schools offer majors, concentration, certificate or other specialized academic programs within the JD curriculum

Ace Your Take Home Final

How law students can succeed on their take home finals.

How to Succeed in Law School

How law students can succeed during law school. Tips for success in law school exams, networking, and legal career search.