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An Open Source Bluebook May Be Just Around The Corner

Couldn't have happened to a nicer book.


How to Succeed on Law School Exams

How law student can prepare for and succeed on law school exams.

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Your Favorite Author And The Power of Persuasion

Thinking about what non-legal writing you find persuasive and a joy to read can help you be a better legal writer.

Are Fully Online Programs a Viable Choice for Law Schools?

A top-50 university in the United States is beginning to offer a fully-online master's degree for about 15% of the cost of an on-campus degree. Is this a model law schools could - or should - consider?


Common Sense Codified?

After last week's post on common sense, can we really say that the ethics rules are common sense codified?

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Law Schools Are Changing, But How and Why? (Part 2)

Until the federal government stops the free flow of student loan money, law schools will not make significant changes.

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Law Schools Are Changing, But How and Why?

Recent news about law schools suggest there's real change going on. There really isn't. Why not? As always, follow the money.


Good Facts > Good Law

Every case, and every set of facts is different. Whether you are interacting with opposing counsel or the court, good facts should be front and center.

lawyer bubble

Book Review: The Lawyer Bubble—A Profession in Crisis

If you still have hope the legal profession can be changed, read The Lawyer Bubble by Steven J. Harper. His book and his ideas deserve your attention.


Career Services Offices Are Beyond Repair

Elie Mystal recently made two smart proposals about how law school career services offices could be improved. Aaron Street provided his take here at Lawyerist a few years back. His ideas were also good ones. While a few of Aaron suggestions are starting to pop up as reality, sporadically, at some law schools, Elie’s are […]

inside the law school scam

Inside the Law School Scam: A Heroic Blog Ends

Paul Campos has closed down his Inside the Law School Scam blog. The Internet is now more cowardly.

law school ruined my hobbies

Law School Ruined My Hobbies

It takes a long time to recover from law school. Five years after, I'm starting to learn to enjoy thingsI once loved, but law school made me hate.


Law School: Is Two Years Enough?

A proposal to New York allow students to sit for the bar exam after only two years of law school has generated some debate. Is two years enough?

law students should hang out with judges

Law Students Should Hang Out With Judges

Law students, no matter what they end up doing later, should spend as much time as possible learning how trial courts work and how trial judges think.


The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law (Book Review)

The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law is amazing. It makes learning a challenging subject both easy and fun. And it just might help save America.