NFL Player Live-Tweets Jury Duty [Update: Hoax]

Indeed. Read all Dockett’s jury-duty tweets at Talking Points Memo. (h/t /r/Law) Edit: Or we’re getting trolled. (h/t @ScottMalouf).

What Jurors Think About Attorneys

Regardless of the verdict given, what attorney—having argued a case—hasn’t come away wishing for more insight into the minds and perceptions of the jurors? Given ten years of data from systematic surveys of jurors, some patterns in their responses emerge.

A Jury of Whose Peers?

Why don't juries reflect the whole community? And can anything be done about it?

Lawsuit Idea: Defamatory Search Results

This Australian guy won over $200,000 suing Google for delivering results associating him with the mob. The judge explained the jury verdict by saying Google search results are just like publishing a newspaper: Google Inc. is like the newsagent that sells a newspaper containing a defamatory article. While there might be no specific intention to […]

Samsung Requests New Trial Based on Jury Foreman’s Post-Trial Statements

Due to statements made by jury foreman Velvin Hogan, Samsung is requesting a new trial in the Apple v. Samsung case.

Trial Lawyer? Buy This Book!

Trial lawyer? This book can make you much, much better. Buy it. Read it. Follow its advice.

How Will You Prepare for Jurors of the Future?

Are we really in for a horde of jurors with twitching thumbs ghost-typing as they snooze through a trial?

Cross Examination and the Perfect Question

During cross-examination, constructing perfect questions will force the witness to give only answers that help you persuade the jury and win the trial.

4 Mistakes Lawyers Make with Expert Witnesses

Expert witness testimony can make or break a case. However, in many cases, important parts of the expert’s testimony are excluded or the expert fails to win over the jury.