Should You Join the JAG Corps?

Recently, a lot of lawyers and law students have been applying to the JAG Corps. This post looks at whether the JAG Corps might be right for you.

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Briefs: ROSS Lands Its First Client, Yet Another Jobs Report, Etc.

You Might Need to Start Authenticating Social Media Screenshots A few weeks ago, a Louisiana appellate court issued a decision barring Facebook screenshots for lack of authentication. In a criminal case, the prosecutor sought to introduce Facebook posts of the defendant holding a revolver and making threats. The district court let the evidence in, but […]


Briefs: Crowdsourcing Avvo, Email Encryption, the Worst Lawyers, Etc.

At least one Redditor is trying to reverse engineer the Avvo Rating. So far it looks like the biggest boosts come from adding an LLM to your profile or getting endorsements from lawyers who say they worked with you. Maybe the goat lawyer could learn something. [/r/LawFirm] The legal sector added 700 new jobs in […]


Actually, Legal Jobs Aren’t Recovering

Look at that sad little hill in the red line. Firms started hiring, then apparently realized the work wasn't coming back and laid off everyone they hired back.

Entry-Level Legal Job Market “Has Actually Been Improving for the Past Three Years”

So says the NALP Executive Director: Despite the endless publicity about the poor job market for law school graduates since the recession, the entry-level legal job market has actually been improving for the past three years. The improvements have been incremental, and it is still a scrappy and competitive job market for new law school […]


Go Rural, Young Lawyer!

In tough economic times like these, some new lawyers may want to open their minds to a different type of risk and go west — or north, or south, or east — to find a job beyond their urban dreams.


Out of Work? How to Prepare for the 2016 Job Surplus

Besides relentlessly applying for jobs, there are some things you could be doing to improve your chances of future employment, as the legal job market starts to improve


ABA President Wants to Give Jobless, Inexperienced Lawyers Something to Do: Help the Poor

From the ABA Journal: In what may turn out to be Silkenat’s signature project, he discussed the joining of two pressing issues for the legal profession: access to justice and the dearth of jobs for newly minted lawyers. Using jobless law school graduates to increase access to justice is a popular idea these days. The […]

Money Money Money Money Money

American Lawyer magazine published data on the salaries of Biglaw non-equity partners, showing a large disparity in pay and responsibilities.

Lawyer Jobs Account for Only 10% of New Law School Grads Per Year

Lawyerist breaks down the numbers on lawyer jobs and law school graduation in the United States, illuminating the stark reality of the legal market.

Legal Sector Adds 1,000 Jobs in September

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal sector added 1,000 jobs in September, bringing it to within 50,000 of pre-recession levels.

Justice Thomas: “My new bias, which I now embrace, is that … I intentionally prefer kids from regular backgrounds and regular students.”

Graduates of non-Ivy-League law schools may not have a prayer of becoming a U.S. Supreme Court justice (all the current justices went to Harvard, Yale, or Columbia (Ginburg, who started at Harvard), but we can at least hope to clerk for one. At a talk on Friday at the University of Florida, Justice Clarence Thomas […]

Another Solo Practice Postmortem

On myShingle, Carolyn Elefant has a two-part postmortem on a solo practice started by a BigLaw refugee. It looks like he kept it up for a bit less than two years, which is a decent time to gauge the likelihood of success. However, like the last postmortem we saw, just as it looked like things […]

Stalking the In-House Counsel Job Requires Persistence and Patience

The questions about getting an in-house job that I am most-frequently asked when coaching lawyers.

Will a Law Firm Overlook Bad Grades for Good Experience?

Maybe, but when you compete for jobs that are few and far between, employers are not generally willing to take a risk on a “lower-tier” candidate when they can just pick from, honestly, T1 grads who are in the same boat but with better grades and more impressive resumes. It’s the harsh reality, probably the […]