job interviews

How to Succeed on Law School Exams

How law student can prepare for and succeed on law school exams.

Nailing the Entry-Level Firm Interview

Tips for turning your law firm interview into a paid gig.

Simple Interview Dress for Men

Men's interview dress basics for those of you who are looking to interview at a traditional firm.

Interview-Worthy Dresses

A suit is not the only option for an interview, there are dresses that are as appropriate for an interview as a traditional suit.

The Law Suit — Professional Dress for Lawyers

The Law Suit is a recurring series, geared toward lawyers, discussing the basics of building a professional men's wardrobe.

$10K Associate Position: Exploitation or Opportunity?

Would you work as an associate for $10K a year? Could such a job ever be worthwhile? Maybe.

Screening Interviews: 8 Ways to Waste Them

You can waste your screening interview or start and end with a good handshake, ask good questions, and answer questions smartly.

Stay Assertive in Your Job Search

Job search for a recent law school graduate can be difficult, but stay assertive to increase your chances for success.

Observations on Rural Stereotypes

Debunking stereotype perpetuated by the Atlantic in Observations from 20 Years of Iowa Life, that may prevent you from considering rural practice.

It’s Not Enough To Be Smart When Job Seeking

Job seeking - It’s a tough legal market out there. Firms are getting hundreds of applications for every position they post. Tips to set yourself apart

Practice Interviews & Elevator Speeches: Part of a Job-Seeker’s Toolkit

Any contact can lead to jobs or business. Superb interview skills and a pitch-perfect elevator speech are critical for job-seekers and rainmakers.

Applying to the JAG Corps: Make the Cut

How to improve your chances at gaining entry into one of the various JAG Corps. It's competitive, you know?

Coping With Being Fired

As anyone who’s been fired knows, being fired is difficult to deal with. It’s not at all like quitting. Here's how to cope with being fired.

4 Rules to Manage First Year of Law School

Manage first year by meeting classmates, embracing the challenges of legal research and writing, and engaging in some career development.

Track Job Applications with Web App Applymate

Tracking your job applications and keeping all your deadlines straight is easier with ApplyMate. The site tracks application statuses and can send reminders.