Every Legal App for iPhone and iPad

iOS apps for lawyers abound, whether for case management, billing, or trial preparation. This page has every legal app for iOS that we could find.

“30 Apps in 30 Minutes” Presentation Materials

For the convenience of those in attendance, here are my slides and the list of apps from today's "30 Apps in 30 Minutes" presentation at Minnesota CLE.

If You Want Google Inbox, Now is the Time

Google Inbox gives you a fancy new front end with reminders and snoozing and bundling tweets and suped-up labels.

Dropbox + Microsoft Office = Mobile Productivity

Dropbox and Microsoft just partnered up so that you will be able to access Office documents stored in Dropbox, right from the Office apps.

The Government Can Still Get Plenty of Information from Apple

As I pointed out last week, the new iOS security features are great, but they are hardly a panacea.

How the Government Might Circumvent iOS 8 Security

Orin Kerr points out that the government might not be willing to accept a scenario where Apple cannot respond to government warrants.

An Evening With The New iOS Annotated Constitution App

In honor of Constitution Day, the Library of Congress, Congressional Research, and Government Printing Office have released a free annotated Constitution IOS app that contains the full 2,860 pages of the 10-pound, $290 print version.

Microsoft Brings Office to iOS

Today, Microsoft releases Office for iOS. There are a couple of catches, though.

Top 5 iOS Apps I Can’t Live Without

What are your top 5 iOS apps you can't live without? Todd Hendrickson lists his, along with an homage to High Fidelity.

Gmail 2.0 for iOS Just Released, Adds Multiple Account Support

Version 2.0 of Gmail for iOS is here! The new look is great and all, but what I’m really excited about is the ability to use multiple accounts. Which means I can finally turn off all notifications on the regular mail app and move it to my Unused folder. That was one of the last […]