How and Why to Hire a Law Student

Hiring a law student can be a valuable experience for both the firm and your student. Here are some tips to make sure the process goes smoothly.

How to Research Potential Hires on Social Media

In order to make sure that a potential hire is a good fit for your firm, make sure you spend some time looking at their social media accounts.

Hiring Employees Using Craigslist

Craigslist's basic interface, low-cost listings, and wealth of potential applicants will more than likely get you the right person for your law firm — even if the list of applicants seems daunting to sift through at first.

How to Go Above and Beyond in Job Candidate Reference Checks

Everyone knows that it is important to check your prospective hire's bona fides. Here are some ways to ensure you get something more than just perfunctory answers from candidate references.

How to Fire an Associate Attorney

Hopefully, you’ll never need to fire an associate attorney you hired. But once you decide that it’s time to fire your associate, here are some keys to minimizing potential problems.

How to Outsource or Delegate Administrative Tasks

If you find yourself overwhelmed with aspects of your business, consider delegating or outsourcing certain tasks so you can focus on providing legal services.

How To Find the Perfect New Hire

Finding the perfect fit for your firm takes patience. If you are having difficulty hiring or retaining quality staff members for your firm, reevaluate your hiring process and the criteria on which you are basing your decisions.

The Lawyers Most Likely to Leave Law Practice

From the ABA Journal: Lawyers with “higher levels of resilience, empathy, initiative and sociability” are more likely to leave law practice than those with lower levels of those traits. In other words, don’t hire associates who display the characteristics you actually want in an associate.

Eighteen Months In: Hiring an Associate, Buying Real Health Insurance

Amazingly, my partner and I have been up and running for about eighteen months now. We haven’t killed each other, we haven’t been disbarred, and we have kept the lights on. And now we’ve decided it’s time to expand.

University of Iowa Law School Sued on Political Bias in Hiring

Teresa Wagner is suing the University of Iowa Las School in federal court, accusing the school of not hiring her due to political bias.

Job Hunting in Rural Areas

How to find legal jobs in rural areas, where law job competition is different than the big city.

Business Needs Lawyers, Too

Businesses need the skills lawyers have, making non-legal jobs a good bet for recent law school grads.

Hiring? Target the Right Applicants

How hiring lawyers can create ads for job openings that target the right applicants.