Three Grammar Rules to Forget (Because They’re Wrong)

Remember those grammar rules you learned back in grade school? It's time to forget them.

Lawyers, Stop Writing (and Saying) These Things Immediately

Wherever lawyers stand on legalese, they should, at least, stand on reason.

Two Spaces After a Period? Who Cares?

In law firm life, I have no personal grammar and style philosophy. One space or two after a period? Who cares.

Be Safe When Using Flat Adverbs

Flat adverbs are great because one can't master them by memorizing a rule. This drives lawyers crazy, which is great.

Details Can Make or Break Your Brief

Why details matter in briefs and how lawyers can avoid making easy mistakes.

The Elements of Style: Obsolete?

The Elements of Style, Strunk & White's definitive writing manual, still has a lot to offer---though not according to Geoffrey K. Pullum.