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7 Google Docs Add-Ons You Should Try

In the past, we have covered some alternatives to Microsoft Word, including Google Docs. For quite some time now, Google Docs has done a lot of things exactly right. Easy collaboration, compatibility with a wide variety of formats, cloud-based, free. However, Docs has also lacked some things that are often necessary for a law practice, […]

Office 365 or Google Apps — Which to Choose?

The future may be arriving, but it choosing between Office 365 and Google Apps is still a complex endeavor. Here is what you need to know.

New Solo Technology Shopping List: the Basics

Choosing a laptop and document scanner isn’t covered in law school, but you can’t start a law firm without some basic hardware and software. To make it easier for you to get what you need without a lot of research, here is our standard list of recommendations. Obviously, this does not cover everything you need, but it definitely contains the basics—everything you […]

Gmail 2.0 for iOS Just Released, Adds Multiple Account Support

Version 2.0 of Gmail for iOS is here! The new look is great and all, but what I’m really excited about is the ability to use multiple accounts. Which means I can finally turn off all notifications on the regular mail app and move it to my Unused folder. That was one of the last […]

Google Drive Released. Time to Move to the Cloud?

So does Google Drive herald the beginning of the end of desktop computing? Possibly.

Ditch PowerPoint For Google Presentations

With new and enhanced features, the free Google presentations effectively replaces Microsoft's PowerPoint

Get More From Google Docs

Google Docs has some new features that make it more useful for attorneys.

Enhance Gmail’s Usefulness

New features for Gmail make it even more useful for lawyers.

Search Gmail and Google Docs Simultaneously

Why lawyers should use Gmail and Google Apps for their law office email, calendar, and contacts management.

My Law Practice Management Tools

Tools to help you manage your law practice. A review of the software and tools for staring a solo law practice.