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The Importance of Thinking

Scott Greenfield on the importance of thinking — and the difficulty in getting paid for it. Try an experiment. Bill ’em for thinking. Thinking. There’s no code for that. Why would that be? Thinking is a good thing. I try to do it whenever I can, and most of the time, it turns out to […]

Use Blockquotes When You Have a Point You Don’t Want to Make

"You know what? I don’t read block quotes. I skip over them. To me, it’s yada yada yada yada. If there’s something good in there, I expect the lawyer to tell me what it is."

More Invoice Cover Letter Inspiration

News flash: lawyers have strong opinions about minutiae. Like cover letters, judging from the comments on Roy’s post, A Personalized Cover Letter Should Accompany Legal Bills. It turns out Roy is not alone in his belief that changing the cover letter on your invoice is the key to client satisfaction. Read it and weep: What […]