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“I won pro se. … Why … would you put your fate in the hands of a total stranger?”

From commenter Iwonprose on Randall’s post “Does More Pro Se Litigants = Fewer Clients?”: My experience with attorneys is that they don’t really care about you and only want paid. My opinion is they are overpaid and rarely ever do a good job. You know more about your case than they do. You are more […]

What’s Your Busiest Day of the Year?

According to Ruby Receptionists, January second is the busiest day of the year for its call center. That sounds about right for my litigation practice. I always felt like we got mobbed in early January with people who were finally ready to take care of their problems after the holidays (and perhaps some holiday-related problems). […]

“In most states, there is no reason to form a Corporation anymore “

CPA/attorney and LAB member, Jeff Vandrew, on the difference between entity choice and tax status: A single member LLC has a choice of the following tax statutes: disregarded entity (like a sole proprietorship), S-corporation, or C-corporation. A multi-member LLC has a choice of the following tax statutes: partnership, S-corporation, or C-corporation. A corporation has a […]

“[L]awyers [must] have (and maintain) proficient knowledge and skills related to legal technologies”

In the LAB, Nicole Black is (unsurprisingly) full of good information on ethics and the cloud: Also, the ABA recently revised Model Rule 1.1 to require lawyers to not only to maintain a knowledge of law and a level of skill in the practice of law, but it also now requires lawyers to have (and […]

The Importance of Thinking

Scott Greenfield on the importance of thinking — and the difficulty in getting paid for it. Try an experiment. Bill ’em for thinking. Thinking. There’s no code for that. Why would that be? Thinking is a good thing. I try to do it whenever I can, and most of the time, it turns out to […]

“I’ve never had any interaction with them, but now they’re my clients. It’s pretty sweet.”

This sentence, from young “virtual lawyer” Rachel Rogers, gives me the willies. There have been times when I’ve woken up in the morning and I have new clients. They’ve found me online somehow and I’ve never had any interaction with them, but now they’re my clients. It’s pretty sweet. I’m trying to decide if there […]

“Windows 8 is … a stumbling half-step [in the right direction]”

In general, I think Windows 8 is a step in the right direction. It makes sense to combine tablets and notebooks into a single class of computers that run a single operating system.1 Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a stumbling half-step. Much of it is poorly executed; many of the UI mistakes seem unprovoked, and […]

“Do. Not. Upgrade. Ever.”

Greg Broiles may call himself a fuddy-duddy (he’s relucant to upgrade from Windows XP), but he’s got some seriously good advice for anyone looking to upgrade Windows:

2012 Law Via the Internet Conference

“[A] charlatan told a worldwide crowd of serious academics that in the future, everybody will be a lawyer for 15 minutes.”

Scott Greenfield’s response to Clay Shirky’s Law Via the Internet conference keynote: The LII’s efforts to make law freely available isn’t at odds with Clay Shirky’s nonsense, but isn’t consistent with it either. Rather, Shirky takes the ball and runs sideways, toward a goal that doesn’t exist. People, meaning non-lawyers, want unfettered access to the […]

How To Get Bad Facts Past the Ninth Circuit

"Question: I have an appeal that will likely be heard by Judge Alex Kozinski on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. We have some bad facts in our case. How can I best downplay this information?"