Find Out How Much You Are Overbilling Your Clients

Waiting until the end of the month to record your time means adding 23% to the bill. Start billing in real time before your clients (or ethics boards) find this article and start asking questions.

Billing by the Hour: We Didn’t Always Do It That Way

Billing by the hour is an established custom within the legal profession. We always didn’t always do it that way.

Big Law Firms Taking “Suicide Prices” to Keep Business

As business drops off for big law firms, many are reducing their prices to unsustainable levels to try to keep up with ballooning overhead. Will they survive?

Leave Your Attorney Fee to Your Clients

For one month, one attorney lets his clients decide his attorney fee, no matter what price they set.

Credit Card Processing Tips for Lawyers—Don’t Get Ripped Off

Credit card processing is an important aspect of running a small business that is often overlooked by attorneys who run their own firms.

Meet Potential Clients Face to Face

Meet with potential clients in person will allow you to create a rapport with them, which will lead to more clients.