Proper Deposition Objections

Whether you are defending (or taking) your first or your hundredth deposition, you must be ready to handle objections. That means knowing which objections are proper and which are not. Once you know, you can keep the deposition proceeding smoothly — and avoid embarrassing yourself.


Hearsay: The Basics

We take a look at the basics of hearsay. A nice primer for those studying for the bar, or attorneys who find themselves losing these objections a lot.

Hearsay, Illustrated

With this handy illustration, you will be able to more-easily explain hearsay to non-lawyers. You are welcome! (from Reddit)

Defense Attorneys: The Record is Your Friend

Criminal defense attorneys should take full advantage of the court record to protect their clients' rights, protect themselves, and guide the appellate courts.

Trial Objections: A Lose-Lose Proposition

Trial objections are not your chance to school opposing counsel. In fact, they are a sign you haven't done your homework. Plus, juries hate them.

Handling Trial Objections

Learn the proper form and substance for trial objections in jury and bench trials.

Friending for Evidence

Are you using social media to get evidence for trial? If you're not careful, you may be violating your state's ethics rules.