And You Thought Biglaw Layoffs Were Over

Silly Rabbit. Remember this scathing piece about layoffs at white-shoe firms from 2013? While it was only two years ago, there has not been much in the news recently about large firm layoffs. Until now. Butler & Hosch, “a national law firm specializing in the legal needs of the mortgage banking industry” (i.e. foreclosure) just collapsed under the weight […]


More on Case Western Law School’s “Client-Ready” Practical-Skills Program

Today I spoke with Dean Lawrence Mitchell of Case Western Reserve University Law School about its new “client-ready” practical skills program. I wanted to know more about its program, and I especially wanted to hear why Dean Mitchell thought CWRU could avoid the the lackluster results Washington & Lee ran into when it tried something […]

57/365 - Ready for Work

Case Western Law School Vows to Make Its Graduates “Client-Ready”

Case Western Reserve University School of Law is the latest to overhaul its curriculum to cater to what law firms say they want: young lawyers who can hit the ground running.

Law School Job Numbers Suit Dismissed with Prejudice

One of the many lawsuits brought against law schools for inflated employment numbers has been thrown out by a judge in Chicago.

Legal Sector Adds 1,000 Jobs in September

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal sector added 1,000 jobs in September, bringing it to within 50,000 of pre-recession levels.

Why Law Schools Should Report “Gainful Employment”

The so-called crisis of confidence in legal education is not about law school fraud; it is about misinformed expectations.

Law School Employment Data: One Student at a Time

Leanly staffed career offices must source & record employment stats one grad at a time.

How to Behave on Your First Day of Work

Even if your employer has an orientation program, you will also need to orient yourself. Ask questions. Assume nothing. Use this 5-point list to get started.

Avoid These 10 Rookie Associate Mistakes

Ten of the most significant mistakes new law firm associates make.

Law School Transparency: Bringing About Change in Law School Employment Data

Many law school graduates have been left holding the bag of employment prospects. Law School Transparency hopes to help.

Break from the Pack for a Rural Employer

So, you spotted an opening and landed an interview with a rural employer. How do you set yourself apart from the rest of the pack?

The Cost of In-House Law Firm Staff vs. Outsourcing

Which law firm staffing option is more cost-effective—hiring employees to help manage the firm or outsourcing administrative tasks to a virtual worker?

Clarifying the Law School Bargain

Law is no longer a necessary step to making a positive difference in people’s lives, understanding government functions, and leading in the community.

Show Me the Money: Demonstrating Value as a New Lawyer

In the new legal economy, young associates will need to focus on providing value, not just having good credentials

Be a Successful Independent Contractor

In this legal market you need to be flexible, and with the right mindset you can be successful doing contract work.