How to Develop a Palate for Wine

You learn about wine by drinking more wine. We're shocked by this profound advice as much as you are.

Broken Bottles

Drunk Law Practice v. Sober Law Practice

Sobriety has made me happier than at any other time in my life. I can live without fear of the unknown or insecurity about my abilities to perform.

You Drink Scotch Wrong

A genius Scotch drinker's advice on how to properly enjoy your next Scotch Whisky. Warning: This guy is kind of ridiculous (in a good way).

The Martini FAQ: Everything You Might Need to Know

If Bitter Lawyer’s recent quick-and-dirty guide, How to Make a Great Martini, didn’t answer all your questions about the unofficial cocktail of the Bar, check out The Martini FAQ, an encyclopedic resource. [via Daring Fireball]


Court: “Rum Fireball” Suit May Proceed Against Bacardi

Woman's suit against Bacardi moves forward after court notes that despite warnings the company promoted its "Bacardi 151" for pyrotechnic uses