Sample Document-Destruction Policy

Voluminous paper and electronic files are not just a hassle to store and manage, but keeping files beyond your ethical obligation to do so can actually be troublesome.

Docracy: A New Take On Free Legal Documents

Someone needs a legal document, but they don't want to hire a lawyer. Perhaps they can find one at Docracy.

LegalZoom and Unauthorized Practice of Law

LegalZoom's summary judgment motion requested that the court find that it is not engaged in UPL in Missouri as a matter of law.

Quickly Compare Documents

Quickly compare two documents using various programs.

Use Client Meetings to Increase Productivity

Meetings are getting a bad rap these days, but I find them very useful to help me complete a project, especially when it has no clear deadline. Those kinds of tasks can end up sitting on your work plan for weeks, since they are always lower priority than the things due right now. But you can use meetings to make sure those things get done sooner, rather than later.

NeatDesk Desktop Scanner: Don’t Try Neat?

NeatDesk document desktop scanner review for a paperless office. Should you try Neat or another brand?

Picking the best word processor for your practice

News Flash: Microsoft Word and Corel Wordperfect are not the only word processing software out there. Not even close. At all. This great article from DonationCoder looks at 14 different word processors in good depth. DonationCoder reminds us that some people really need the features of a desktop publishing system like Word. Many writers, for […]