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Doc Review Lawyers: Unionizing the Titanic’s Deck Chairs

Last year, we wrote about David Lola, a document review attorney who sued Skadden, Arps and his placement agency. He alleged that doc review is not actually legal work, largely because you expend no independent legal decision-making to do it, and that doc reviewers are therefore eligible for overtime. He won that case (and another similar […]

Diligence Engine Makes Sense of Piles of Contracts

I loaded a couple dozen contracts into Diligence Engine and a few seconds later had a list of all the licensing provisions.

Predictive Coding Beats Human Document Review Lawyers

Robots have taken many of the assembly-line jobs previously occupied by humans, and now it looks like computers may be able to take over what amounts to legal assembly-line work: document review. A Virginia judge ordered predictive coding to determine the relevance of over 1.3 million documents. The parties estimate the computer found about 81% […]

The Bottom Rung: Episode 6

From Bitter Lawyer: In document review, there are dreamers. And then there are those who can daydream. With their eyes open.

The Bottom Rung is Back: Episode 5

From Bitter Lawyer: There's a mole in the document review underworld and Dave, Frank, and Tim are on a mission to find it.

How to Handle Doc Review Downtime

If you do document review to make extra cash, follow these tips to limit downtime and book new jobs faster.

Predictive Coding Is Going to Destroy Document Review

If predictive coding replaces document reviewers, you need to plan accordingly

Will Predictive Coding Spell Trouble for Doc Review Attorneys?

Are more attorney jobs about to be on the chopping block as predictive coding software enters the world of ediscovery?

Dealing with a Document Review Assignment From Hell

Document review assignment from hell. Tips for dealing with bad document review assignment

Healthy Tips for Document Review Attorneys

Follow these tips to survive your document review job as an attorney.