document automation

LEAP Moves Document Assembly to the Cloud with Office 365’s Web Apps

LEAP legal practice management software just became first to market with a cloud-based document assembly solution.

Learning to Code

Online Forms Meet Local Document Automation (Cut-and-Paste Coding)

You can learn to automate your own documents while learning to code. When you're done with this lesson, you'll know just enough to be dangerous.

Zapier Zaps for Lawyers

In a profession that places a premium on time, powerful workflow automation gives you a considerable edge in the business and practice of law. Software that can autonomously manage and perform your day-to-day administrative tasks will help maximize productivity by saving time, as well as improve performance of your administrative workflow.

Thought Exercise: Build a Chat Bot for Facebook Messenger

Yesterday Facebook announced its new Messenger Platform, including Bots for Messenger. Basically this makes it easier to built an intelligent-seeming algorithm—a chat bot—that can interact with anyone who contacts it on Facebook Messenger. So let’s do a thought exercise. Let’s say people wanted to use Facebook Messenger to communicate with you about legal matters. What sort of bot could […]

Podcast #47: Automating Your Documents, with Barron Henley

Want to automate your documents? Step one is *not* shopping for software. Barron Henley talks about how to get started — without purchasing a thing. Before that, we say goodbye to two Dropbox services we loved.

Podcast #36: Dennis Kennedy on How Technology Can Make Law Practice More Satisfying

Dennis Kennedy thinks the real promise of technology is taking away the tedious bits of law practice so lawyers can do more of what matters. And do the numbers show that law school crushed all our dreams?