Proper Deposition Objections

Whether you are defending (or taking) your first or your hundredth deposition, you must be ready to handle objections.

6 Steps to Better Depositions

Depositions are often frightening and difficult experiences. Use these six tips to ease your anxiety and own the room.

Lawyers Who Aren’t Sure How Modern English Works

Lawyers need to use modern, plain-English rules of style, usage, and grammar. There is no excuse for lawyers to still write and speak in "lawyer-ese."

How to Take a Deposition Like a Pro

Even if you are just starting to take depositions, you can become a pro by being well-prepared and focused.

Anatomy of a Good Deposition Question

Even if you walk into a deposition with a solid plan, your plan can quickly change question by question. It’s at this micro-level — the way you ask each individual question — where many deposition errors are made.

How to Defend a Deposition: Just Show Up

Protecting your client in a deposition is a matter of showing up. Plain and simple.

Three Things Video Games Taught Me About Practicing Law

Video games aren't just time wasters. They provide valuable lessons for your law practice, and everyday life.

Guarding Against Emotion With “Reality TV”

Witnessing others' emotional reactions to stressful situations can help attorneys deal with their own instances of overpowering emotions.

Clients Gone Wild: Episode 4

"I'm a doctor of law. I'm not here to teach you. You come to my university, you pay for it."

How to Survive Depositions Gone Wrong

A preview of panelist commentary from an innovative online, movie-style ethics CLE based on the case GMAC v. HTFC.

Depositions Clients Gone Wild!

"You Don’t Speak for Anyone Here Except Yourself, F*ckface."