Google Apps Missing Features

The Google Apps I use in my firm---Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts---have some great features. They also have some crippling omissions that frustrate me on a daily basis.

Sharing contacts without Exchange?

Until now, I have been a solo practitioner, but my firm is growing. Consequently, I need a way to share contacts between myself and my law clerk. Google Apps—what I use now—does not have an easy way to this level of sharing. Here is what I want: Free Cross-platform (Windows, OS X, and Linux) Syncs […]

Google finally syncs Blackberry contacts

Finally, a sync I can support! Google Sync will now sync your Blackberry’s built-in contacts with your Gmail contacts. This is huge, especially if, like me, you use Gmail for email. Before, I had to do a complicated dance with Plaxo in order to get my contacts onto my Blackberry. Now, it should happen automatically […]

Call for help: an online contact manager that syncs with my Blackberry

I just bought a Blackberry Pearl 8120 (has wi-fi), which I love. This may be the perfect phone (for me). The keyboard is not a full one, but I can still type faster and more accurately than I could on my Treo or my wife’s MotoQ. Remember the Milk now offers a Blackberry sync, which […]

Thunderbird 2 released today

Along with Ubuntu 7.04, Mozilla released Thunderbird 2.0 today. Thunderbird is Mozilla’s cross-platform e-mail client, and with the Lightning add-on, a full personal information manager (PIM). If you prefer free software, or you don’t need a full-featured client like Outlook, give Thunderbird a try. I’ve been playing with it, and it really is a pretty […]