Computer Buying Guide for Lawyers

In general, people spend way too much time worrying about which computer to buy. You can run a law practice just fine on a $400 Dell desktop. (Not that you should.) Obsessively comparing specs is a waste of time and brainpower. Just something from Microsoft or Apple and it will do the job. (Lenovo and […]


5 Things I Wish You Would Learn About Computers

Learning the following will not make you a hacker, but they will make you a bit more competent when it comes to that box on (or under) your desk that you use all day to serve your clients.


Will Computers Become Better Lawyers Than Humans?

By 2017, if Moore’s Law continues to hold, computers will have the processing power of a human mind. This is not science fiction. It will happen, and it means that sometime during this century, computers will be able to at least simulate human thought, if not think independently. Will that mean computers will be able to replace lawyers?

Jumbo Monitor

In a Paperless Office, A Bigger Monitor is Better

Be more efficient in your paperless office. Switch to a jumbo monitor (27" plus) for more efficient creation and review of documents.

How Often Do You Upgrade?

It’s been about four years since I upgraded any of my computers, which feels like forever. But I wonder if that means I’m using hardware that matches up with the majority of our readers. How often do you upgrade?


How Much it Really Costs to Start a Solo Practice

A few years ago, I wrote a post I titled Start a Solo Law Practice for Under $3,000. Boy, do I regret that title. Starting a law firm is a relatively inexpensive endeavor, but picking an arbitrary number and trying to stick to it is wrong-headed. I’ve met plenty of lawyers who have done just […]

Review: Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 Home Theater PC

The Q180 is poorly constructed, under-powered, and a huge disappointment. Don't buy it.

Extend Your Laptop’s Lifespan

Tips for extending the lifespan of your laptop by following a few simple tips.

Is Your Law Firm Ready For the Singularity?

Watson's Jeopardy challenge could herald the coming of the Singularity--and a revolution in legal research. But what about robot judges?

Bad Technology Is Not Worth Your Time: Be Impatient

People often assume that I am capable of immense technological feats because I have a paperless law office and know what Linux is. I am not. I just take a different approach to technology than many lawyers: I am not complacent, and I am quite impatient. Technology should free up your time, increase your efficiency, […]

Friday exercise break: forearm exercises that really work!

My wrists and forearms feel limber and pain-free as a result of doing these exercises for a few days. These apparently work if you have RSI or carpal tunnel, but I find they just feel good, as well. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome exercises that really work | BoingBoing


Start a Solo Law Practice for Under $3,000

How to start a solo law practice for under $3,000. Review of the technology, hardware, software, and office equipment you need to start your own profitable law firm.