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Access to Justice Sometimes Benefits from Moving Software to the Cloud

Sometimes, all it takes to increase access to justice is moving software to the cloud.

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Legal Software Bill of Rights

As a legal software customer, you have a right to demand a few things from the companies with which you do business.


Legal Cloud Computing Association Releases Security Standards

How do you know whether your cloud software is sufficiently secure to meet your obligation to protect your clients’ information? Right now, there is no easy answer. You just have to educate yourself and then make up your own mind. That could change as a result of the draft security standards that the Legal Cloud […]

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Client Confidentiality in the Digital Age

The pathways for breaching client confidentiality — whether due to simple carelessness or inadequate security — continue to multiply as technology advances.


Diligence Engine Makes Sense of Piles of Contracts

I loaded a couple dozen contracts into Diligence Engine and a few seconds later had a list of all the licensing provisions.


It’s Time for Lawyers to Re-Think the Cloud

If you don’t use appropriate technology, you are doing your clients and your ethical obligations just as much a disservice as if you use inappropriate technology. Sometimes, the cloud is the right tool for the job, and sometimes it isn’t.


Freshbooks is Awesome, but Not For Accounting

Freshbooks is excellent billing software with a few accounting features grafted on. It is not accounting software. It is woefully unsuitable for accounting.


Fastcase Plans to Make “Kick-Ass” Bankruptcy Software a Reality

CEO Ed Walters says Fastcase is “pretty good at making kick-ass software,” and he plans to build a cloud-based version of TopForm that meets that standard. Which might make it the first bankruptcy software that actually does.


Terms of Service for Cloud Software Are Negotiable

(Confidential to cloud software providers: Offering cloud software to lawyers under terms of service is best viewed as a sort of crowd-sourced contract drafting exercise.)


Total Attorneys Raises the Price on its Practice Management Software [UPDATED]

Total Attorneys has raised the price of its practice management software to $20/month for up to 2 users, $40/month for 3–10 users.


Clio Updates with NetDocuments and Xero Integration, Promises an iPhone App “Worth the Wait”

Clio just announced two integrations that add robust backoffice accounting (Xero) and serious document management (NetDocuments) to its already-great practice management package. Clio’s CEO, Jack Newton, also said his developers are putting together a mobile app that will be “worth the wait” (his words). I obviously don’t know exactly what he means by that, but […]


Total Attorneys Updates Include Google Sync, Email Marketing, Trust Accounting, and Appointment Scheduling

Total Attorneys started out as a lead generation company, but every time I have talked to Ed or Kevin, it’s been obvious that what they are really working on is building a turnkey law practice. In other words, you sign up, and Total Attorneys generates leads, answers the phone, helps you manage your files — […]


Q: What is “The Cloud”?

The cloud is ... well, just read the post. It's a bit complicated, but I've tried to break it down.

File Sync is Not Backup

If you are relying on a file sync service like Dropbox or SugarSync as your cloud backup, cut it out. File sync is not backup.

PC Law vs. the Cloud

The difference between “old-school” practice management software and cloud-based practice management software, in a nutshell.