client service

Yes, Your Personality Matters to Clients

Clients want to hire an attorney that will help them solve their problem. But they also want to work with a person, not a robot. Showing your personality will go a long way towards creating a more meaningful attorney-client relationship.

What Makes Uber Tick, and What Lawyers Can Learn from It

Lawyers, like cab drivers, are useful and capable service providers who nonetheless are sabotaging themselves through their own lousy delivery models.

Podcast #54: Open Access to Law, with Sarah Glassmeyer & Ed Walters

Your Personal Relationships with Clients Probably Aren’t As Strong As You Think

While lawyers probably aren’t going to become irrelevant any time soon, it probably is not because their personal relationships with clients are so strong.

In Which a Lawyer Tries to Hire a Lawyer

Lawyers talk a lot about client service, but few do anything about it. Follow along as Lee Rosen tries to hire a lawyer himself.

Offer Unbundled Legal Services to Compete in Today’s Legal Market

Unbundling in law firms has finally turned a significant corner. Expect it to spread to other practice areas and for clients to start requesting it.

Three Commonly Violated Ethics Rules

Three commonly violated attorney ethics rules and the simple way to avoid violating them.

Law 101: Service > Business

There are basic standards of good customer service that time and again, harried attorneys fail to meet.

Estate Map Review

Estate Map, a cloud-based tool for estate planning attorneys and consumers, embraces cloud-based technology and provides an easy way to store and share information about one's estate plan and related information.

Three Ways to Improve Client Intake

A successful law practice starts and ends with successful client intake. Here are three ways you can improve your client intake and improve your practice.