Webinar 101: Keeping an Audience That Doesn’t Want to Pay Attention

Delivering a webinar—where you have no live audience to give you feedback—is very different from conducting a CLE. Here are some tips to make sure your webinar isn't boring.

6 Ridiculous Ways to Make Your Next CLE Speech Memorable

Let’s face facts: CLEs are boring. In this article, I will introduce you to tools from sports, entertainment, and politics to make your next speech more exciting.

Podcast #56: How to Fix Conferences and Meetings, with Matt Homann

Let’s face it, a lot of legal conferences are pretty bad. You get a lot of presenters reading their slides and panels where one person hogs the microphone. As Matt Homann explains, the needs of conference-goers have changed, which is an opportunity to do better CLE. 2016’s Best Law-Firm Websites Out of more than 150 […]

Should You Pay to Speak at a CLE?

If you are the type of speaker that leverages presentations to get new business, paying to speak may be worth it. But either on principle or after a cost-benefit analysis, it might not be worth doing.

How To Prepare for a CLE Presentation

If you've been to more than one or two CLEs, you know that very few lawyers are great at public speaking.

If You Lead, Business Will Follow

Lawyers in all areas of practice need to get out and become known. Rather than paying for advertising, you should take advantage of the abundance of leadership opportunities available in your community.

Could a Video Game Be a CLE?

Video games are fun. Continuing Legal Education, however, is not. What if there was a way to combine the two into something even mildly interesting, instead of just playing Candy Crush on your phone during a CLE lecture. A company called TransMedia Inc. developed a game several years ago called “Objection!” From the game’s description: The murder […]

12 Terrible CLE Audience Members (and How to Handle Them)

CLEs sometimes play host to strange audiences, especially as “reporting deadlines” loom. You may have lawyers in attendance who aren’t all that interested in what you have to say. Here's how to deal with the worst of them.

10 Ways Local Bar Associations Can Better Serve Lawyers

Local bar associations must begin to address the rapidly changing needs of members and move into this century.

Teaching Your First CLE

Last month we talked about some of the benefits of teaching a CLE. But let’s say you’ve already been asked to teach a CLE. Maybe somebody found your blog and thought you sounded knowledgeable on a topic. Or maybe you were at a happy hour and tricked someone into thinking you know what you’re talking […]