10 Ways Local Bar Associations Can Better Serve Lawyers

Local bar associations must begin to address the rapidly changing needs of members and move into this century.


Teaching Your First CLE

Last month we talked about some of the benefits of teaching a CLE. But let’s say you’ve already been asked to teach a CLE. Maybe somebody found your blog and thought you sounded knowledgeable on a topic. Or maybe you were at a happy hour and tricked someone into thinking you know what you’re talking […]


The Challenges Unique to LGBT Litigators

Last week, I attended a thought-provoking seminar on the unique challenges faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lawyers in the courtroom.

Man with Megaphone

A New Lawyer’s Guide to Teaching a CLE (Part 2 of 2)

The nuts and bolts of putting together a CLE: first, pick a topic that won’t make established attorneys wonder “who does she think she is?”

Teaching a CLE

A New Lawyer’s Guide to Teaching a CLE (Part 1 of 2)

Teaching a CLE can be a lot of work, but new lawyers will reap benefits when they do, including public speaking experience and networking exposure.

Roy Will be Talking About Ethics and Client Service for ALI-CLE Next Tuesday at Noon EDT

If you have enjoyed my posts on client service, tune in next Tuesday (the 19th) for a live, one-hour audio webcast/telephone seminar at noon EDT. If you think those posts weren’t so great, you can still earn one ethics credit. The program is Client Service: Effective and Ethical, sponsored by ALI-CLE (previously known as ALI-ABA), and […]


CLE 2.0: Online Quality

the CLE providers who figure out how to differentiate their brand and sell quality content online will win in the CLE 2.0 era.

Why CLE Quality Has Declined As it Becomes Mandatory

According to Carolyn Elefant, the answer is simple: money. Lawyers don’t want to spend any, so CLE providers can’t afford to, either. But mandatory CLE requirements mean CLE providers need to come up with a lot of seminars. That means the majority of people who present are mostly (1) selling something, or (2) unprepared, because […]

Surefire Legal Marketing

In legal marketing, many things can work, but there is only one thing that definitely works, every time: word of mouth.

How Wacky Are Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Rules?

Continuing Legal Education rules and regulations can be burdensome, onerous and downright wacky.

CLE for Free: Go Back to Law School

CLE can be expensive and can mess with your schedule. Auditing a class at your law school can get you a lot of CLE credits for free.

How to Survive Depositions Gone Wrong

A preview of panelist commentary from an innovative online, movie-style ethics CLE based on the case GMAC v. HTFC.

Continuing Legal Education Should Have an Easy Mode

While CLEs have a fantastic opportunity to reach out to new attorneys and teach them the law, do they teach new lawyers effectively?

Can Lawyers Earn Continuing Legal Education Credit by Blogging?

Lawyers can generally earn Continuing Legal Education credits for published articles. It's time to consider substantive blog posts for accreditation.

Continuing Legal Education That Makes Sense

A CLE system where lawyers create their own learning plan with no minimum requirements.