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Maximizing Tax Benefits When Using Your Car for Commuting

If you travel for work, as many attorneys do, make sure you're taking full advantage of the tax credits and deductions available to you.

Podcast #83: Attendees of TBD Law

A Cassandra Moment for Legal Tech

Legal technology is at a critical point in its development, and it's time to think about what the future should look like. The history of the use of technology in a library setting offers valuable insight.

Podcast #82: Starting a Non-Profit Firm While in Law School, with Jamie Sutton

Product Design, Documents, and Client Service with TBD Law Sponsors

At TBD Law, sponsors were invited to share their knowledge, not sell. Each took a turn into the "hot seat" to discuss product design, better documents, client service, and the difference between attorney-client confidentiality and data privacy.

TBD Hackathon: Building the Law Practice of the Future

At TBD Law, talented attorneys hacked the future of law.

For Women, Stereotype Threat Leads to Stress

There's an insidious issue called stereotype threat. If people that are told that their race or gender performs poorly at a task, they will own perform poorly at that task. This is a big problem for women in the workplace.

What Skills Should New Lawyers Have?

A new survey shows that current lawyers expect new lawyers to have far more than just traditional legal skills when they are starting out.

Podcast #79: Legal Insurance and Bridging the Access to Justice Gap, with Nicolle Schippers

How to Go Above and Beyond in Job Candidate Reference Checks

Everyone knows that it is important to check your prospective hire's bona fides. Here are some ways to ensure you get something more than just perfunctory answers from candidate references.

Should You Go Solo or Form a Partnership?

There are a lot of considerations that go into whether you should be a solo attorney or form a partnership with another lawyer. Here are some key things to keep in mind.

Podcast #78: Going Solo When You’re the Sole Breadwinner, with Randall Ryder

It Is Time to Mandate Continuances for Parental Leave

The Florida Bar’s Rules of Judicial Administration Committee recently refused to pass a rule that would mandate continuances for parental leave. This is terrible for everyone, but especially for solosmall lawyers.

How To Hire Your First Associate Attorney

You’ve made all the calculations and want to go ahead with hiring your first associate attorney. What do you do next? When you hire any employee, you have to consider a whole new range of issues.

Things to Keep in Mind When an Employee Leaves the Firm

When an attorney leaves a firm, many ethical obligations arise for both the departing lawyer and the firm they leave behind. Here are some key things to keep in mind.