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Law’s Raging Diversity Problem Extends to the State Judiciary

The American Constitution Society just issued Gavel Gap, a new study on the stunning lack of diversity on the state court bench.

Are You Sure Your Non-Profit Job Qualifies for Loan Forgiveness?

Some, but not all, non-profit attorney employees qualify for public service loan forgiveness. The problem is that it is unclear as to which ones do. This is a real issue for recent law school graduates who are seeking covered employment.

Podcast #73: How to Leave a Small Firm in a Small Town, with Paul Floyd

Podcast #71: TBD Law, with Matt Homann

Should You Join the JAG Corps?

Recently, a lot of lawyers and law students have been applying to the JAG Corps. This post looks at whether the JAG Corps might be right for you.

Podcast #69: The Big Case, with Making a Murderer’s Dean Strang

The State of Women in Law

While the gender landscape in the legal profession is clearly changing, there is an irrefutable amount of work that still needs to be done to continue empowering women in law.

Doc Review Lawyers: Unionizing the Titanic’s Deck Chairs

Last year, we wrote about David Lola, a document review attorney who sued Skadden, Arps and his placement agency. He alleged that doc review is not actually legal work, largely because you expend no independent legal decision-making to do it, and that doc reviewers are therefore eligible for overtime. He won that case (and another similar […]

BigLaw Gets a SoloSmall Vacation Policy, Complains About It

From the land of BigLaw comes the news that some large-ish firms are offering unlimited vacation, which, at first blush, sounds pretty amazing. Except…how does that work, really? Do you just tell your high-priced clients that you will be peace-ing out for a few months? Also, in order to get this sort of perk, you […]

How To Go Solo from BigLaw

Once you have decided leaving BigLaw is right for you, there are still many practical and logistical questions you need to answer carefully before you can walk out the door. It can be daunting to figure out how much notice to give, anticipate what’s going to happen after you do, and notify clients you are […]

Legal Jobs are Doomed. Give Up Now.

It should be no secret that advancing technology will impact the legal field. In fact, we have warned about the implications of robot lawyers on the legal job market again and again. Now another report gives bad predictions for the legal job market due to technological advances.

The Flaws of the “Recruit Your Successor” Exit Strategy

The “recruit your successor” retirement exit strategy is flawed. To obtain maximum value, transition your practice to more experienced lawyers.

What More Do We Need to Say About Law’s Diversity Problem?

Were you wondering if the legal profession was still utterly abysmal on diversity issues? Wonder no more, because the Ninth Annual Survey by the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) makes clear that we still are, at least as far as BigLaw is concerned.

Podcast #42: How to Choose a Law Partner, with Jayne Sykora & Jen Santini

Solosmall Incubators Are Catching On

Incubators are all the rage in the (non-law) business world. They exist to provide start-ups of all flavors with resources, connections, and sometimes outright cold hard cash so that they can succeed. In the law arena, incubators have been a bit slower to catch on, but there are now a number of programs housed at […]