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Podcast #121: A “Crossover” Real Estate/Realtor Practice, with Wendy Calvert

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How to Better Nominate Diverse Judicial Candidates

A diverse judiciary is critical. Judicial commissions, as the gatekeepers to the judicial profession, must be diverse as well.

Podcast #82: Starting a Non-Profit Firm While in Law School, with Jamie Sutton

Seems Like a Good Time to Start Taking Auto Fraud Cases

Read Beware Flood Damaged Car Scams In Sandy Aftermath on AOL Autos, then join the National Association of Consumer Advocates and look for a mentor in your state. Oh, and pick up a copy of the NCLC Automobile Fraud manual. That should get you started.

Smart Firms Cultivate Their Legal-Writing Talent

Law firms play an important role in improving the legal writing of their new associates. Here are some easy ways that firms can cultivate their legal-writing talent.

Law Clerk to Law Firm

Each fall law clerks leave their courthouse gigs and start law firm life. How to make the transition from one shop to the next?

Business Needs Lawyers, Too

Businesses need the skills lawyers have, making non-legal jobs a good bet for recent law school grads.

How to Become an Adjunct Professor of Law

Although tenure-track law professorships are scarce and fiercely competitive, it is comparatively easy to become an adjunct professor of law.

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Law practice profile of attorney Ken Ammann, as part of the Lawyerist Insider profile series.

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Law practice profile of attorney Graham Martin, as part of the Lawyerist Insider profile series.

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