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Attorney and Counselor at Law, and Ambiguity

Is "Attorney & Counselor at Law" a redundant job title? No. The roles are distinct and there is a time and place for each.

Opening a Law Office

Opening a physical law office is no easy task. Find out what you'll need for a new law office, from desks to a web presence.

A Case for Business Cards for Lawyers

Are you a lawyer who thinks that it's time to toss your business cards? What will you hand your cable guy?

Top 10 Basic Etiquette Tips for Lawyers

Etiquette Tips: We function each day with other people and we need to know how to act around them in order to not embarrass ourselves or our firms.

Avoiding Casual Legal Questions…and Malpractice

Say the wrong thing when asked a casual legal question and you could open yourself up to professional reprimand or even a malpractice suit down the line. Follow these tips to avoid malpractice issues.

Lawyers, Is It Time to Toss Your Business Cards?

Here at Lawyerist, we are very big on business cards for lawyers. Business cards can not only provide valuable contact information to both clients and colleagues, but they can also serve to reflect a lawyer’s personality. In fact, tech-savvy lawyers can even include a QR code on their business cards for ease of electronic access. […]

Lunch with Lawyers

Packing a bag lunch is prudent, but taking practicing attorneys out to lunch is a shrewd move that will expand your network and may get you a job. Tomasz Stasiuk has a great post on how to jump start your job search by mastering the networking lunch.

Stop networking and make it rain

Cliff Mason at CNBC says “No, you are not making a good impression on anyone when you pass out your business card with your email address and phone number to virtually everyone you meet.” He has an excellent point. Some, perhaps many, lawyers seem to think that networking requires “working a room” and giving an […]