Legal Tech: Brought to You by the Color Blue

Blue says "hey, you can trust me" and "don't worry, I'll take good care of your clients' information."

14 Visual Identity Systems to Inspire Law-Firm Brands

A visual identity system is part of a complete law-firm brand. Get inspired by these examples!

Branding: Let’s Talk Visuals

While having a logo is key for your firm, it's only the beginning. Here are some tips on how to use visuals to market your practice.

What Does It Mean to Create a Law Firm Brand Experience?

A brand is one of those words that is used widely but not always completely understood. In fact, the definition of what a brand actually is has evolved with time. Here's what it means for lawyers.

Podcast #66: What It Means to Have a “Human” Practice, with Julie Tolek

Sam and Julie Tolek chat about what it means to be a solo lawyer and how to create a brand experience that doesn't intimidate clients. Julie also tells us about how she manages her client tasks and what it takes to maintain a work-life balance in the legal field.

Start a Law Firm in Law School

Want to be a lawyer-entrepreneur? Start now, while you're still in law school.

Your Good Name: Online Reputation Management for Lawyers

"I don't care what they say about me as long as they spell my name right." Try telling that to Michael Pines. Lawyers, protect your online reputation.

Do You Think About Your “Branding”?

Branding is how you are perceived, especially by potential clients, referral sources, opposing counsel, etc. So, do you think about it?

A Brand Is Not Just A Logo

A brand is more than creating a logo and it is your customer’s experience. Branding is never just the logo and the brand should consider the customer experience.

Top 4 Trademark Law & Branding Tips

Trademark law & branding tips for entrepreneurs and others launching new companies, products, or services.

Thoughts On Law Firm Branding

Effective law firm branding requires that you communicate your knowledge, skill, and experience without talking about your knowledge, skill, and experience.