Should Law Blogs Allow Comments?

Do law blogs in general have the kind of niche audience (lawyers) that makes comments better than usual?

California Attorney Advertising Rules May Soon Apply to Blogs

California’s Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct (COPRAC) has been working on an ethics opinion on the applicability to attorney advertising rules to blogs for a while now, and after receiving public comments on its draft opinion.

How Not to Suck at Social Media

Social media is actually quite simple, and there is only one way to succeed: be interesting, and social.

Write a Compelling Opening Line for Blog Posts

The opening lines of your blog post are the only thing most readers will see before they decide to stay or go. If it is boring, very few will stick around to find out of you had anything worthwhile to say lower down.

How to Keep Your Blog from Shriveling Up and Dying

If you have a blog, make it a site you would actually want to visit and read yourself. If you do this successfully, you can absolutely expect to profit from your blog. But if your purpose is profit, you probably won't.

Get Your Law Blog Off Your Law Firm Website

Law blogs and law firm websites don't mix. Get your law blog off your law firm website, or just stop blogging.

Great Legal Marketing Advice: Thomas Goldstein

When great legal marketing advice surfaces, it's worth taking some time to pay attention. Thomas Goldstein provides some truly against legal marketing advice.

Blogging Makes New Lawyers Rich and Famous

It's true! Write a great headline, and fame and fortune are yours in the blogging world.

Top 5 Tips to Draw Readers to Your Blog

I've been thinking a lot about what elements a blog post needs to draw readers' attention. Here are my top 5.

Why Your Blog Sucks (and What To Do About It)

This is the text of the talk I gave this afternoon at the Lawyernomics marketing conference in sunny Las Vegas about why law blogs suck and how to make them awesome.

Two Videos on Writing a Law Blog that Doesn’t Suck

Here is a sneak peek at what I will be talking about on Friday in my presentation, "Why Your Blog Sucks, and What To Do About It."

Your Blog Still Does Not Belong on Your Law Firm Website

Last night, Kevin O’keefe tweeted a link to my “classic” post on law blogging, “Get Your Law Blog Off Your Law Firm Website“.

“Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers” Review

Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers is a practical guide for a lawyer considering blogging — just don't pay the ABA's ridiculous price.

Beat Up for Blogging?

Criminal defense lawyer and blogger Rick Horowitz said something offensive on his blog, which he says, “in retrospect, I even wish I had not said.” This happens all the time. Provocativeness is to blogging as exhaling is to breathing, and the line between provocative and offensive is often quite blurry. Sometimes we all say a […]