How to Love Doing Your Timesheet

Next time you find yourself ranting about your timesheets, consider whether you can use your bills to make yourself happier.


Do Discounts Lead to More Past-Due Accounts?

This infographic from Lexis Nexis is based on a survey of Lawyerist newsletter subscribers this past July.


The Myth of More Time for Billing

Before you use "more time for billing" as an excuse to hire someone or buy something, consider whether you would actually be able to make good use of that time.


How to Offer Subscription Fees

Subscription fees can be a great fit for legal services, depending on your practice area and whether your clients have ongoing legal needs. Here's how to offer them.


Freshbooks is Awesome, but Not For Accounting

Freshbooks is excellent billing software with a few accounting features grafted on. It is not accounting software. It is woefully unsuitable for accounting.


Freshbooks: the Gold Standard for Timekeeping and Billing

Freshbooks is the gold standard for timekeeping and billing. It's easy to use, mobile-friendly, and comes with world-class customer service.


Breaking the Time Barrier: How to Unlock Your True Earning Potential (Book Review)

In order to understand difference between time and value, just read Breaking the Time Barrier. In about an hour, Mike McDerment will get you up to speed on the fundamental difference between churning billable hours and delivering value to your clients.


Billing To Avoid Ethics Complaints

The best defense when questioned about your billing is solid documentation. It may even prevent charges against you.


Viewabill: Alan Dershowitz Wants Your Clients to Know What You Are Doing

Clients hate surprises. This is especially true when it comes to your bill. The solution is to have an ongoing conversation with your clients about costs. For some reason, though, a lot of lawyers have a hard time talking to clients about money. This means invoices are often the only communication happening, which is more […]

LA Lawyer Suspended for Charging Legal Fees for Non-Legal Work

Katherine Guste was suspended from practice for two years for charging legal fees for non-legal services. Would you have done the same thing?

The Importance of Thinking

Scott Greenfield on the importance of thinking — and the difficulty in getting paid for it. Try an experiment. Bill ‘em for thinking. Thinking. There’s no code for that. Why would that be? Thinking is a good thing. I try to do it whenever I can, and most of the time, it turns out to […]

What Really Makes Clients Want to Pay Your Bills

There is no trick to having happy clients; they are the result of hard work, good communication, and good choices.

More Invoice Cover Letter Inspiration

News flash: lawyers have strong opinions about minutiae. Like cover letters, judging from the comments on Roy’s post, A Personalized Cover Letter Should Accompany Legal Bills. It turns out Roy is not alone in his belief that changing the cover letter on your invoice is the key to client satisfaction. Read it and weep: What […]

A Personalized Cover Letter Should Accompany Legal Bills

Use a personalized cover letter when sending out legal bills to clients. Letters communicate value and appreciation better than an invoice alone.

“I Just Want to Practice Law” Postmortem

I Just Want to Practice Law is a candid window into the life cycle of a failed solo practice. Here are the mistakes he made, and how to avoid them.