Is it Time for Non-Lawyer Ownership?

Permitting non-lawyer ownership of law firms is a global trend. It is not really about access to justice, as I previously supposed. It’s about changing the law firm business model in a way that works for lawyers and clients.


Lessons Learned Going from Government to BigLaw to Solo Practice

Starting a law firm after 13 years of practice in government and at a law firm is a very different proposition than going solo soon after law school. Chris Hill made it work. Here’s how, and what he learned.


The End of BigLaw?

BigLaw is somewhere between 150 and 250 law firms, and “Within the next decade or so, according to one common hypothesis, there will be at most 20 to 25 firms … The other 200 firms will have to reinvent themselves or disappear.”

relationships matter more

Relationships Often Matter More Than Results

You may be a great lawyer. But that has a limited amount of impact on your future. How people feel about you matters just as much, or more.


The Best Career Advice I Ever Got

The Best Career Advice I Ever Got was when a veteran lawyer told me how to do well as an associate.

lawyer bubble

Book Review: The Lawyer Bubble—A Profession in Crisis

If you still have hope the legal profession can be changed, read The Lawyer Bubble by Steven J. Harper. His book and his ideas deserve your attention.


Book Review: Thrive (a New Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Practice)

Thrive (a New Lawyer's Guide to Law Firm Practice) is the perfect graduation gift for new lawyers starting big firm practice.


Following the Rules of Email Hierarchy

Protocol at large firms demands hierarchy: addressing emails first to the senior partner followed by attorneys in descending order of experience.

Surviving your Annual Review

The new year can be a time for a new annual review. Don't let the event stress you out; instead reframe the review as a positive.

Biglaw and Parenthood Don’t Mix

A departure memo by a mother leaving her biglaw job details the inherent difficulty in excelling in law and parenthood.

Money Money Money Money Money

American Lawyer magazine published data on the salaries of Biglaw non-equity partners, showing a large disparity in pay and responsibilities.

More Law School Grads Go into SmallLaw than BigLaw

"Nearly two-thirds of new grads who go into the private sector are going to small law firms rather than BigLaw, an analysis of ABA data shows."

Meet Whales When They are Guppies

By following this simple five-step plan, junior associates can start learning client development skills and building a network now.

Federal Judge Says Small-Firm Lawyers are Worth Less than Big-Firm Lawyers

A D.C. federal district court thinks small-firm lawyers should be penalized for not being big-firm lawyers.

Reevaluate Post-Law-School Expectations

Law students should take the time to think through post-law-school options before it’s too late.