big data

Big Unanswered Questions on Big Data and Ethical Obligations

Big data is transforming the legal profession, but big ethical questions remain.

Uncovering Big Bias with Big Data

What follows is the story of how I used Virginia court cases to discover what best predicts defendant outcomes: race or income.

How One Lawyer Uses Big Data to Find Whistleblower Clients

John Mininno, a lawyer in New Jersey, is running a legal tech startup to catch crooks. His company specifically targets crooks in the guise of healthcare companies that rip off Medicare using fraudulent billing practices.

How Big Data Equals Big Changes in Cases and the Bottom Line

We will soon become accustomed to our data being “big” and turn our focus toward predictive and prescriptive analytics, citizen data science, and analytics marketplaces—all areas to which the legal field will want to monitor, participate, and contribute.

Can Big Data Increase Access to Justice?

We have talked about how legal tech often focuses on the wrong problems and that one of the things we should be doing is working to better access and wrangle big data. We have also discussed, again and again and again, how to close the access to justice gap. One legal aid organization in Maryland – the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers […]