Bar Exam


Hearsay: The Basics

We take a look at the basics of hearsay. A nice primer for those studying for the bar, or attorneys who find themselves losing these objections a lot.

The Bar Exam: Five Tips for the Final Days

Make your final bar exam plans with these suggestions in mind.

The Bar Exam: Tips for Exam Day Success

Bar exam tips to help you succeed on the day of the bar exam.

Eleven Tips for Reducing Stress and Studying Better in the Two Weeks Before the Bar Exam

For the bar exam, if you do what you plan to do every day, that's all you can hope for. Your results on the bar exam are in the hands of the gods.

5 Good and 5 Bad Bar Exam Study Strategies

Ten study strategies for the bar exam: five bad ones and five good ones.

Bar Exam Preparation: Maximize the Final Weeks

Maximizing bar exam preparation in the weeks before the bar exam.

Three Tips for Finishing the Bar Exam Performance Test on Time

If you manage your time and finish the Multistate Performance Text, you can be sure that you have handed in your best first draft.

Five Tips for Faster Bar Exam Essays

If you can use Twitter, you can finish the bar exam essays in plenty of time.

“Does anyone know of a blog or chat for significant others of people prepping for the [bar] exam?”

From a comment on Open Letter to a Law School Wife: My boyfriend is studying for the July 2012 bar exam and I feel like I’m going to go nuts (and I’m not even the one taking the exam)! Does anyone know of a blog or chat for significant others of people prepping for the […]

6 Steps to Planning for 10 Weeks of Bar Exam Prep

To succeed on the bar exam, you must plan your life, as the old saying goes, and live your plan.

Bar Exam Round-Up

Bar exam studying season is around the corner. Before things get too crazy, check out all the bar exam tips here at Lawyerist.

Military Spouses Who Are Lawyers Have a Hard Time Practicing Law

The Military Spouse JD Network wants to make it possible by dropping bar examination requirements for military spouses, and it is making progress.

Law School v. a Bar Review Course

There is just no way law school is a better value than a bar review course. Right?

February Bar Exam Tips

Next week is the February 2012 bar examination. But we still have a few final tips to help you get through the bar exam.

Early Preparation for the Bar Exam

Early preparation for the bar examination can save you headaches, heartache, and money down the line.