Bar Exam

State-by-State Uniform Bar Exam Costs and Requirements

The Universal Bar Exam is a new version of the bar exam being offered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Here are the costs and requirements to take and transfer your UBE score in sixteen states.

How National Licensing Could Help Close the Justice Gap

An incremental move towards a more nationalized licensing process may be an important piece of the puzzle in pairing qualified, passionate attorneys with currently underserved clients who need their help.

What You Need to Know About Law School

Performance-Enhancing Bar Study Distractions

Prepare for your doomed summer with this list of distractions that will (hopefully) help you maintain your sanity.

The Law School Class of 2014 Wasn’t As Dumb As It Looked

Remember the halcyon days of July 2014, when if you were unlucky enough to take the bar exam, you also got to have a bonus anxiety attack when your first-day answers did not upload properly thanks to the ExamSoft software you were required to use? Instead of spending Tuesday night studying, sleeping, staring at the wall, or binge-watching Breaking Bad, […]

Hearsay: The Basics

We take a look at the basics of hearsay. A nice primer for those studying for the bar, or attorneys who find themselves losing these objections a lot.

How to Succeed on the Bar Exam

The Bar Exam: Five Tips for the Final Days

Make your final bar exam plans with these suggestions in mind.

How to Succeed on the Bar Exam

The Bar Exam: Tips for Exam Day Success

Bar exam tips to help you succeed on the day of the bar exam.

How to Succeed on the Bar Exam

Eleven Tips for Reducing Stress and Studying Better in the Two Weeks Before the Bar Exam

For the bar exam, if you do what you plan to do every day, that's all you can hope for. Your results on the bar exam are in the hands of the gods.

How to Succeed on the Bar Exam

5 Good and 5 Bad Bar Exam Study Strategies

Ten study strategies for the bar exam: five bad ones and five good ones.

Bar Exam Preparation: Maximize the Final Weeks

Maximizing bar exam preparation in the weeks before the bar exam.