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Podcast #61: The Future of Bar Associations, with Chad Burton

Chad Burton discusses how bar associations can help lawyers run their practices—and whether bar associations need to rebrand. Sam and Aaron also go over what practice management apps stood out to them at the ABA TECHSHOW.

ABA Abandons Rocket Lawyer Partnership

Back in October, the ABA tested a partnership with Rocket Lawyer. For just $4.95, small businesses could ask an ABA member one question and a follow-up using an online portal. The pitch to lawyers was not a chunk of the $4.95, obviously, but the chance of a new client. Today, the ABA abandoned the partnership. Some are decrying […]

States That Require a Bona Fide Office

A few state bars have issued ethics opinions explicitly affirming your right to go virtual, but more states retain the "bona fide office" rule, which says you have to have an actual physical office in order to practice in the state. Here's where all fifty states (and the District of Columbia) stand on the issue right now.

10 Ways Local Bar Associations Can Better Serve Lawyers

Local bar associations must begin to address the rapidly changing needs of members and move into this century.

State Bars’ Antitrust Immunity May Not Last Much Longer

Avvo General Counsel Josh King on the Supreme Court’s decision in North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission: The court made no bones about it, siding with the FTC: the regulatory bodies of self-regulated professions (like dentistry and the law) only get immunity from antitrust liability if they are “actively supervised” by […]

Bar Associations are Failing Lawyers

There are 33 mandatory state bar associations and 20 voluntary state bars. Each of them is failing their members.


We have talked about the problems with bar associations, wondered whether they are still useful, and suggested ways for them to stay relevant. This is one bar association president's answer.

How Can Bar Associations Stay Relevant?

If bar associations would solve some of these problems, we might not be discussing how they can stay relevant.

Going Out of Business, Bar Association Edition

I often wonder, when I hear that old trope about the "image problem," if maybe bar associations' image problem starts at the top, at the president.

Can Solos and Small Firms Benefit from Bar Associations?

Active bar association membership involves a time and money commitment. Is the payoff worth it for attorneys in their own firm or another small firm?